Toy Story

by Mark Forman on February 27, 2018

What's the story Jerry? Well my story is about going to Xitou one of the most beautiful natural spots in central Taiwan. I didn't go anywhere over this years late Chinese New Year holiday. My friend and I will walk through the forest and take some photos,talk some talk, and dream some dreams. How about you? Have you been able to get out and clear your head and get some exercise. I've been making progress on some new projects and am most excited about my newest one-no not because it is the newest! I admit people tend to love the new and get bored with the old-in this case my new project is really a new iteration of an existing business that has been going on for almost 20 years. My partner and I originally produced special performance TPE materials-a kind of synthetic rubber type of materials which we also processed/molded for components that customers required. Now we are branching into selling the raw material so many more people can use the material and provide new materials/products for the marketplace. Please feel free to share what new things are going on in your life.




by Mark Forman on February 5, 2018

Confession-I always loved playing football-on the streets of Brooklyn with 3 manhole covers measuring the length of  field, in between the occasional car coming down E.27th St., when we'd wait for the car to pass and move to0 the side. I have never been  a lover of watching football on TV or playing organized team football. It was always too confusing for me to watch the game and focus on where the key action was happening. Maybe growing up without a father in the house and not having been baptized into the "NFL faith" made a difference too. So skipping the Superbowl  is much easier 1/2 way around the globe. When I see Twitter going off about it the related tribal comments coming from people I normally respect and consider culturally aware or bright reminds me of the disconnect factor that occurs now and again in our society.


Gotta Go For It!

by Mark Forman on January 28, 2018

It's been a while since I've shred anything here. Happy New Year (belatedly) and early for the upcoming Chinese New Year (Year of the Dog). Firstly-totally enjoyed Muscle Shoals documentary all about the ridiculously talented, prolific and influential team of producer Rick Hall and the Swampers with too many famous hits too mention:soul, r&b, rock, pop, etc. Got my new product dialed in getting ready for a launch on Indiegogo. It's a new kind of peel and stick grip skin for smart phone. Will update with link ASAP. Weather has been going crazy here. Oscillating between cold and beautiful. Sometimes both within same day. I have been benefiting from deep breathing technique I've learned from Wim Hof. I've been doing it for a few weeks and feels great. It boosts your core temperature slightly which is nice when I warm up with before I go out and exercise pre-sunrise. It also aids in raising blood pH levels slightly(more alkaline). In honor of Year of the Dog-remember to do the dog, not the donkey.


Re-make Re-model

12.25.2017 by Mark Forman

It's been ages since I did a podcast. As some of you know I did many back in the early days of podcasting post Y2K days... Been listening to a number of podcasts lately. Thought I'd dust off the voice box and give it a whirl. 😀 Minor glitch for about 20 seconds a minute […]


I Need

12.11.2017 by Mark Forman

I don't know why I have an affinity for the Michelin Man. I'm not French although I'm told I do have French in my DNA, I don't recall ever owning any of their tires? The only abstract reason I can think of is when I was in NY going through winter wearing early down parka […]