by Mark Forman on February 22, 2017

Gleeful #streetphotography

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It's been a couple of months since I posted here. This coincides with the usual double holiday season I go through: Christmas and New Years and Chinese New year which is like Christmas, Thanksgiving and New Years all in one. I like the holidays for the rest/chill aspect but don't like the false sense of heightened joy which can lead to being blue when you don't feel it. It is also a little disruptive to my work schedule but in the words of Tony Soprano, "Whuddya gonna do?" This is one of my favorite images taken candidly of a woman shopping at a traditional market. She has groceries in the carriage. Love her warm smile upon realizing I took her photo.


Been a While

by Mark Forman on December 28, 2016

It's been a while but I've remained faithful to my last posts meme that I was going to focus on art to take my mind off of fake news, demagogues and hucksters. I've been going through my archives and getting out with the DSLR again taking new shots with renewed passion and loving it. I've been active mostly at Instagram and am getting some great stuff there avoiding the shameless pitchmen and promoters (mostly). Almost a new year,the Rooster according to the Chinese. Hope you've all been doing fine. Enjoy some shots. Have a happy and a healthy!

Cycles #taiwan #streetphotography #blackandwhite

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Message in a Bottle #streets #lensculturestreet #streetphotography #streetphotographers #taiwan #streetstyle

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Alphonse Mouzon-great drummer also passed before the end of 2016-here he is with another great musician that moved on ahead of him-Jaco Pastorius. Enjoy.


Art to Add Some Positive Energy…

by Mark Forman on November 16, 2016

These recent months with the progressively awful pre-election rhetoric and then the aftermath of the result have not been America's or the World's finest moments in my opinion. I'm glad I haven't been living there for selfish reasons-it has spared me a lot of the direct impact of this news echo chamber day in and day out. For the record-I wasn't a supporter of either candidate feeling that elections have become a thing of 2 bad choices each time-or slightly different flavors of the same bad choice. Rather, than think too much about what will happen or if the news media is finally going to get it right I felt moved to take my head out of that dark cloud and put it in a "happier place" an art cloud if you will. I decided to go back and sort through my archives to make some new versions of my original shots and to take some new shots as well. Definitely the right choice because the process only leaves me feeling upbeat and fulfilled. If you get can enjoyment out of them that only adds to the value of my derision. These 3 images all from 2010 for whatever that's worth-still the early days of my photography odyssey.

Out and About




Ask a Fish…

10.17.2016 by Mark Forman

Triple Header #streetphotography #taiwan A photo posted by Mark Forman (@bbluesmantw) on Oct 7, 2016 at 9:25pm PDT "Ask a fish to describe water. It can't because it doesn't know that water exists." When I was a new college student in the dorm-already a trippy new experience, I remember wanting to make conversation with my roommate who […]


Some Things

08.24.2016 by Mark Forman

Been doing some street shooting with the big cam again (DSLR non-phone cam). Feels good. Threw this up on Flickr and it got explored. Shot at Taichung Train Station-always some interesting peeps hanging around there. More significant stuff: son turned 22. Hard to believe we were all just babies yesterday it seems... Some new work […]