Some Things

by Mark Forman on August 24, 2016

Been doing some street shooting with the big cam again (DSLR non-phone cam). Feels good. Threw this up on Flickr and it got explored. Shot at Taichung Train Station-always some interesting peeps hanging around there. More significant stuff: son turned 22. Hard to believe we were all just babies yesterday it seems... Some new work projects happening with ViSorb material-a vibration damping material of ours. Good to be busy, healthy, alive and having some creative/artistic fun. How about you all?


New Day, New Idea

by Mark Forman on May 12, 2016

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So here it is... Originally I was getting ready to launch my Indiegogo campaign for lightweight/stretch comfort belts. I haven't nixed that but have placed it on hold. The reason is I researched another application of my silicone foam material that I feel offers more immediate and even greater benefits than comfort to wearer-better skin and environmental protection! What you say? Whenever I do product research I tend to hold on to little bits and pieces of material which I'll often play around with; sometimes brainstorming while I'm looking and touching. It was during this process,I had just returned from my morning exercise routine so my face and skin were moist from perspiration and I got an idea to pick up a strip of my textured silicone tape and rub it across my face on a spot that clearly had some gunk build up-gunk is more correctly dead skin cells and oil. I rubbed it back and forth a few times until I felt some mild warmth and checked-voila! The spot I treated was very smooth and clean.

This prompted me to do some research-there are a number of products in the skin care marketplace that use silicone molded products for skin exfoliation/scrubbing. OK so I'm not crazy... I already knew that silicon is hypoallergenic, latex-free(many people have latex allergies) and petroleum-free(no petrochemical content in silicone unlike all thermoplastics) so Win, Win, Win! It is safe for skin, and comfortable on skin. Our material is even more supple and stretchy than regular silicone so even more comfortable and safer to use on skin.  I will have pictures available very soon and give details about the Indiegogo campaign. Hope you can all help share and support as you are able. Will offer some special incentives to web friends too! O.o

PS: I quit smoking over 10 years ago(unlike my photo's subject). Smoking is bad for the skin-it dries it out and virtually ages it-think of jerky... Ouch!

大家好。本來我有準備要做一個皮帶募資網站的方案。我現在暫停了。我另外準備推廣一個環保t皮膚保養器材。材質是我們矽膠發泡做的 對皮膚很溫柔又無過敏也無任何石油成份。



Apocalyptic Vision

by Mark Forman on April 26, 2016

Here is a picture of a pretty young woman with a lovely smile. So what is apocalyptic about this you might be asking yourself? Nothing-this is just a recent image I took in one of the fashion shopping areas of town. The deeper meaning and inspiration for the post title was something that came to mind this morning. The park I walk in most of the time provided a very strange sight a few weeks back. I was walking around the track and saw a massive dog pack ahead of me. They were walking from the infield (the main grassy area of park ground) across the track to the outside. This was occurring about 20 feet ahead of where I was walking and now was standing still watching what they were doing exactly. This was a bit nerve wracking because there were close to 20 stray dogs in this pack. Amazingly they didn't keep going outside of the park but decided all to pick a spot and chill on the grassy berm to the right of the path that me and dozens of other people were walking around. There was one pop up vegetable vendor(here in Taiwan many people who grow veggies will show up at parks and sell there) who was only about 8 feet in front of the resting pack with his back to them. I observed this for probably 4 or 5 laps-what ever i had remaining from the beginning of this until when I left the park.

I think what prompted me to think about this was watching the Dog Whisperer guy-Cesar Milan and she asked me if you followed his methods of kind of grunting at a rowdy stray if it would work. I was thinking probably but then I remembered that pack. Man I'm so glad i didn't have to try anything with them. One or 2 aggressive dogs is daunting enough but a pack that size could wreak havoc if that's what they chose to do. The show we watched with Milan proved to be a controversial one as well. He had a rowdy little pooch he was training that had killed and wounded two pigs belonging to his owner. Milan put him together with 2 of his own pigs to teach him and he ended up biting one of the pigs drawing blood. It wasn't pleasant to watch and in the moment baffled me as to why he'd do this or show this. Suffice it to say animal activists are up in arms with him and the National Geographic Channel about showing this kind of thing. I think Cesar is a cool guy and does good work-just a lapse in judgement putting that on tv.


04.18.2016 by Mark Forman

A photo posted by Mark Forman (@bbluesmantw) on Apr 16, 2016 at 11:06pm PDT This shot was from a few months back. It was a good trip. Father and son time down in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. We went there to shoot product videos. This was towards end of my solo roam through Kaohsiung downtown while son […]


Saying Hey

04.15.2016 by Mark Forman

A photo posted by Mark Forman (@bbluesmantw) on Apr 13, 2016 at 9:02pm PDT Been a while since I've posted here. Lately been very busy on new product development and product design. Check out some of my t-shirt designs here and new stretch leather belts/pack series to be launching soon on Indiegogo and on View From […]