Go Where You Don’t Expect

by Mark Forman on March 20, 2017

Yesterday I dropped my son off at the bus station intending to head into mid-town to shoot some photos. I realized I wasn't far from a busy market area near one of the local universities. The area is insane at night but relatively mellow on a Sun. afternoon but knew there would be shots waiting just the same. It is easy to become a creature of habit and keep returning to the spots you know and like. It's good to get out of your comfort zone and explore even if it seems counter-intuitive. On that note this shot is also kind of unusual for me. Normally I just shoot candid in the moment-this was an in the moment non-candid. Spotted this young lady with the great tattoo inside of a tiny shop. There was no way I could casually mosey in there without freaking her out. So I asked her of the tattoo was real, she replied "yes" and I asked her if it would be ok to take a picture. You know the rest.


Return of the Phone Pic

by Mark Forman on March 14, 2017

Photo Mar 07, 9 19 18 AM

The other day I had to visit my doctor for routine check up. I thought about bringing my camera but weather was kind of iffy and just opted for convenience-so didn't. I arrived at hi office early so I walked over to a nearby market and took out my phone shooting with renewed vigor. First time shooting with new case on it allowing for firmer grip. I also have dialed in my post processing tighter using my go to app for this- RNI Films Like the adage goes-the best camera is the one with you. Took it out again to a bigger market when I found big camera battery was running low. No regrets. I feel like I've made some breakthroughs and can get better more satisfactory results. I always love the challenge of having to work on my technique to adapt to and overcome the tools limitations. Business-wise a couple of interesting projects are starting that use my impact absorbing material and a metal medical device. My son is going back for 2nd interview with a major shoe factory that is the main factory for a very well know shoe company. he has high hopes since he is a sneakerhead and he also has material development in his DNA growing up around me. Big props to him for gifting me with a Spotify subscription-listen to it lots while photo-editing. Great reconnecting with my music world. Here's what I'm listening to right now:


Window to the Soul

by Mark Forman on March 11, 2017


Eyes are called the window to the soul. My most prized connections with subjects in my photos are eye contact. Since I'm shooting them candidly it all happens in the moment. Usually by the time they realize I shot them I've already moved along. There is some magic in that moment of realization. I usually leave with something very real and personal. How do we quantify personal connections. What do we actually feel? How are those feelings stored. It seems that these "feelings" are a special form of energy. I'm not a scientist nor do I think scientists have good or right answers necessarily. Suffice it to say these feelings are special and make life more interesting.

Speaking of special feelings and energy-Joni Mitchell has always been one who has given me tons. Here is a special song from her.


Sun Fingers

03.08.2017 by Mark Forman

  The morning sun's fingers push up on the eyelids, gradually prying them open. Tea and coffee both willing cohorts but you need to go find them. Silent battle call made through blood and nerves rallying the troops in the head, hands and feet. Been through this dance a billion times. Forever repeating this Maiden Voyage watching the ball fall...


Photo Walking

03.06.2017 by Mark Forman

Many people get excited about meeting up socially with one or more photographers to get together and have a photo walk. I've done it once or twice. Actually, I love to socialize and I love to go and shoot photos. Just not together-let me break it down for ya. When you take pictures probably the most […]