Who We Are

Bbluesman DigiMedia 筆力數位媒體

is a variety of business, education and cultural services provided on the internet live and in recorded (video, audio) formats. 我們透過網路提供商業,教育和文化方面的服務。部分現場部分錄得。

Bbluesman was started by me-Mark Forman originally of Brooklyn, NY. I studied Chinese language, history and culture in college and went to Taiwan to continue my Chinese language studies. I made a deal with myself to stay for at least 2 years, figuring that it would take me at least that long to develop some basic flueency. 我是方馬克來自紐約.我原來在美國大學讀過中文系.因此要繼續補中文民國76年來台灣.我跟自己約至少要帶兩年才能進步到一個會話的程度.

I decided between Taiwan and China, opting for Taiwan at the time. I felt that both places would definitely have some  culture shock to overcome, however I perceived Taiwan having a lower threshold than China..I got here just after martial law was repealed and democracy began to flourish with the DPP-Taiwan’s opposition party at the time just being made legal. 我那時候選擇台灣因為我覺得台灣的代購應該沒有大陸那嗎大.

Most of my experience here has been in product and material development (mostly technical products and materials) for the export market, setting up supply chains, doing business and language training for both local and international customers. My Mandarin  speaking and comprehension are fluent  and reading and writing are adequate .在台大部分的時間投資在事業,開發產品,做進出口,商業和教育訓練服務.我國語能力蠻流的也很入境隨俗.

We provide instruction to business people, students and organizations in Chinese, and Chinese Culture. We also provide real time business consulting/interpretation for companies while meeting with Chinese speaking customers and suppliers. We also host webinars and provide actual local representation We have a company called Marlin & Sons that does supply chain consulting and also assists in international business management for import/export matters. I also serve as a consultant to Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation 我們提供職業和語文服務給商人,學生,組織機構.我們也有做現場商業會議翻譯顧問服務. 我們也作向上基金會的顧問