Deep in Thought

The smoking thing-did it a number of times and quit a number of times until one day I finally did quit for a long time through now-I want to say about 11 years(don't miss it at all). What helped me finally to quit was realizing that I was taking anti-oxidants which were good for my body and cost me money and the smoking was working against them and also costing me money, offending my family, etc. Anyhow-this post is not about anti-smoking. In fact it's about how cool smoking looks visually. It enables the eye to focus on the cigarette, the expressions people make when inhaling, exhaling, etc. So now I get to enjoy smoking vicariously through photos like this without having to buy and consume myself.

This shot was taken with Pentax M 50 1.7 on Pentax K-30. I love shooting wide open and do so in most cases.

The song below is by the Handsome Family-the couple/duet that got lots of notoriety from doing theme song for HBO's True Detective. This is the first song I ever heard from them some years back-Hope you enjoy it.