Pumpkin Season

by Mark Forman on November 11, 2017

I woke up this morning and decided to check Youtube for something interesting before I got out of bed to begin my active day. I saw a live feed of Joe Rogan with guest Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame. While I was never a Smashing Pumpkins hardcore fanboi I did like the band, especially in their early days and have always heard much buzz about Billy Corgan being a control freak, etc. I quickly discovered that Billy is very intelligent and articulate-no big surprise but I just had never connected with him via a chat setting. In this case, his comments caused me to reflect on how we are several different people: 1) the person who we see ourselves as; 2)the person others see us as; 3)the person we want people to see.

Rogan is often good and even when he has a guest that doesn't really appeal to me or he voices positions at odds with mind he is intelligent enough and has adequate credibility that I'll consider what's going on for a bit before pressing the off button. In this case I was engaged and felt Corgan was quite interesting until the end although I'm glad I was spared his shape shifting encounter story due to his not wanting to share it "on the record" since he was writing a book and was sharing it there.


And Where Do We Go From Here?

by Mark Forman on November 3, 2017

I love how song lyrics get trapped in your head like detritus in the drain of your sink. You can hear it, it is very visceral but still a little ephemeral as you try to focus on it and remember from which song. Bingo-this one is David Essex's Rock On. I feel compelled to leave link for the song at the bottom of the post so just click on it to hear the song. Even though he was not one of the full blown leaders of the glamour or glitter rock movement like T-Rex's Marc Bolan or David Bowie I feel Rock On was a good capsule for that flavor and moment in time. The psyche radar of ear, mind and soul never disappoint. Culture subliminally baptizing us. Most of the time we don't even notice getting wet.



by Mark Forman on October 30, 2017

I remember when Predator was another fun action sci-fi escapist Arnold Schwarzenegger movie. My favorite line was Jesse "the Body" Ventura's, "I aint't got time to bleed" line. Good visual ham and scene chewing with decent special effects for the time:1987. Same year I came to Taiwan actually. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks there has been much attention on predators-the sexual variety. The Fox News people, our current POTUS, movie mogul-Harvey Weinstein, and now Kevin Spacey have all been accused of sexually preying on the innocent, vulnerable and naive of both the hetero and homosexual variety. The irony quotient here is off the charts-most mentioned here were lousy actors/pop stars that leveraged there fame into a political career or that played powerful political men on TV or the internet. God help us...

So where is the news here? Our current reality is very much like Paddy Chayefsky's Network  a surreal overlap of the normal and the absurd served to you via the nightly news. Like Janes addiction's 1st big album: Nothing's Shocking's "Ted, Just Admit It's" :

The T.V.'s got them images
T.V.'s got them all
It's not shocking!
Every half an hour
Someone's captured and
The cop moves them along...
It's just like the show before
The news is
Just another show
With sex and violence...

Sex is violent...
Sex is violent...
Sex is violent...
Sex is violent...
Sex is violent...
Sex is violent...
Sex is violent!

How very prescient and on point for our current media reality/reality which is a looping vortex of reality tv; which is tv comprised of fake news and factoids and was the stepping stone for our current POTUS' enhanced fame and  clearly helped him along the path to becoming the Figure Head in Chief. If I sound callous please forgive me. I don't believe I'm cynical just jaded. This never ending "daymare" of the news/media cycle and "Tweetmobbing" can easily burn out even the most resilient among us.

In summary, those that are guilty hopefully will get justice, treatment and a chance at redemption. For the real victims hopefully they'll receive closure and healing. Sadly some of the guilty and the victims will find a way to capitalize on this politically and/or commercially because as Earth, Wind and Fire sang" "That's the Way of the World"


Chin Music

10.26.2017 by Mark Forman

When I was a kid there was a book written called "Ball Four" by Jim Bouton a former pitcher for the NY Yankees (not my preferred NY Mets). He was a pretty funny guy and he used the term "chin music" to describe an intentional pitcher move to cause the batter to step away from […]


Shouting Into the Vortex

10.11.2017 by Mark Forman

A recent night photography sortie leads to a morality play of sorts. First-whenever I go through my old photos I'm most moved by the night shots. I don't know if they're more dreamy or more ideal or more what but simply I like them more, they're more pleasing to my eye and the psychology attached […]