Who We Are

Bbluesman DigiMedia 筆力數位媒體

is a consultancy providing various business, education and communication training, motivational coaching and speaking services. Online on the internet, live and in recorded (video, audio) formats. 顧問喔公司提供多種商業,教育和交流訓練,激勵訓練與交流服務。獻上,現場,錄影與錄音版本都有做。

Bbluesman DigiMedia was started by me-Mark Forman originally of Brooklyn, NY. I studied Chinese language, history and culture in university. I came to Taiwan to continue my Chinese language studies and have been here for over 30 year方馬克先生創立筆力數位媒體。他來自美國紐約。他讀中文,中國文化和歷史。他帶台灣30多年

We have extensive experience in numerous aspects of business, sales, marketing, educational training, communications training and consulting.我們有許多的事業,行銷,教育訓練,交流訓練與顧問經驗

We provide instruction to companies/business people, schools/students and organizations in English, Business Communication and Motivational training to maximize communication skills and abilities and to overcome shyness, anxiety and fear. We offer 1 to1 training, group workshops and seminars. I also serve as a consultant to Hsiang Shang Social Welfare Foundation providing educational resources and volunteers.我們服侍區塊:公司,商人,學校,學生,和組織。項目:英文,商業交流和動機訓練為了建立交流技術與能力,減少害羞,緊張,和懼怕。我們做一對一訓練,工作坊,和檢討會.方顧問當向上基金會工顧問。