So Wasup

by Mark Forman on April 12, 2015

I know it's been a while since I've posted here, ranted in your ear, hopefully stimulated you through an image or some words and some music, etc. been busy with work which has been a lot of new product design for others and also for myself. Have a look at this on new IPhone grip system I'm getting ready to introduce. My photos are getting more and more experimental(or not). Basically I'm focusing more and more on shooting whatever impression I had at the moment. Less focused on what image or types of images will get likes or pluses on social media sites. Pretty liberating actually. It always fascinates me when I see scenes like this one happening in a more open space (flea market in this case). Maybe it's the puritan westerner in me or whatever. I dig it totally when this reality challenges what I find acceptable or correct. I mean culture is a filter after all. All of us have our conservation/reactionary thinking which we only become aware of when something happens out of our pre-conceived definition of normal.


What’s Up With That?

by Mark Forman on March 16, 2015

One of the nice things about having your own site is that you can just rant and shout into the abyss with abandon. If passer's by want to join in-well that's great. If they want to shake their heads out of pity or disgust, well that's ok too. This was from a day where it was pissing down rain-I know you couldn't tell from the picture. :P I wear glasses so going out in the rain offers some inconveniences and challenges. My camera is weather-proofed so that is less of an issue. I have auto-focus lens on so I can hold umbrella in one hand and camera in the other. I did manage to keep most rain off of my glasses but not so much for the rest of me.

The photographer in me overcame the comfort loving sluggard in me and one the battle to go and take advantage of this weather and resulting photo opps-am I glad I did. Hail Mary pass yeah! This one fits my sardonic sense of humor well. Sponge Pants Bob is a little bit after my time but he's still in the far corner of my pop culture radar. The title from my day-The Place Mats (the Replacements to the rest of you)-Pleased to Meet Me

It was a great session of an early morning rain soaked world. Even got the stink eye from my wife coming home wet. LOL. No cartoon characters were injured during this process...


Been a Long Time Since I Rock and Rolled

by Mark Forman on February 24, 2015

Been a while since I've posted something here. Well of course I've been posting on other sites. We all know that Facebook , Google and even that rich zombie of a company Yahoo-via Flickr all offer photo hosting with blogging functionality. So individual sites like this one tend to get a little neglected...awww-get out the violin right? :P lately in fact I've been fairly active at the latest cool kids site-Ello , which is actually quite good. Photos format much larger there so they can be enjoyed more. There is a high level of participation there between folks sharing media there. We'll see how long that lasts-experience has taught me everyone likes new and shiny things and like an infant tends to ignore the toy and play with the box after a while...

So why am I posting here today? Well just cleaning out the mental pipes after the break from the Year of the Goat Holiday in Taiwan. This image-which is one of my favorite themes-older dudes with really cool beards, did really well wherever I shared it, so I thought I'd share it here in case you missed it or would like another gander at all of that lovely chin music accumulated there. Below you'll find my favorite song from the Handsome  Family-a weird duet that rights really eerie but way cool songs. They alter became a little popular due to exposure on True detective-doing the show's theme song.

So stay weird and curious for now... :D



On Learning Martian

01.26.2015 by Mark Forman

Photography is something that was always easier for me when alone. Numerous times when I went out with my son for some father son time if I brought the camera I'd find myself ignoring him some because I was distracted by 'shots" that caught my eye. I got tired of this tug of war and […]


GaoMei Wetlands

01.20.2015 by Mark Forman

GaoMei Wetlands by Mark Forman on Exposure


Abstracting the Essence

11.28.2014 by Mark Forman

One part of photography I really love is doing abstract photos. Abstract is a pretty broad word meaning different things to different people. What I like is taking something and giving it much greater significance than it's original context-so you can also say exaggerating that element. It can also mean something that loses it's natural […]


Deep in Thought

11.06.2014 by Mark Forman

The smoking thing-did it a number of times and quit a number of times until one day I finally did quit for a long time through now-I want to say about 11 years(don't miss it at all). What helped me finally to quit was realizing that I was taking anti-oxidants which were good for my […]



11.03.2014 by Mark Forman

This is a photo essay I did on this years 10/10 Taiwan national holiday. 10/10


Vader Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

10.30.2014 by Mark Forman

Flowers are beautiful living things. Very delicate with intricate structures and distinctive shapes. It is hard for me not to mess around with the appearance some since they are one of the most common and therefore over shared subjects up there with puppies and cats. That being said I can understand why so many photographers are […]


The Color Thing

10.26.2014 by Mark Forman

The longest struggle I've had in my personal photography journey is with color. Finding the right ones together, not too many, not too over-saturated, balanced, etc. I was also struggling within how I processed them and my related software/camera settings to achieve color that appealed to and satisfied my eye. I'm finally getting much closer […]