Flying High Again

by Mark Forman on March 31, 2019

I recently traveled back to the US to help take care of my Mom. The flight there our plane had an entertainment system glitch which meant no movies/media for 12 hour flight. To make life more interesting me and the guy next to me got busted for talking a little loud by the guy seated in front of me. How do I know this? Because not 1 but 2 airline flight attendants came buy and informed us and asked us to keep it down. Don't know the irony emoji but. The annoyed passenger leveraged this situation into a seat further forward in the plane. I saw him at the arrival portion of the flight while everyone was walking past him. He had to wait to go get his overhead stored baggage...oh well. But I digress!

The return flight media system in fine form and I decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. For the record I am not nor ever was a Queen fan. That being said I liked them for a couple of early songs mostly for Brian May's awesome guitar playing and tone. Yes I know Freddie had an awesome voice and the band had a high production standard,etc. Their music was just a little to overblown for my taste bordering on cheesy. Like the Brits say-"Horses for courses."

The movie was great for an airplane ride. The story quality comparable to Movie of the Week on network television=not good but better than nothing. Rami Malek was handed a great character to play and did a reasonable job of interpreting and performing him. I still prefer him as original character in Mr. Roboto. It's really tough to play an actual person, especially one that was a pop star of Freddie's stature. I also watched an old favorite: Planes, Trains and Automobiles and JFK which I actually was able to focus on more of the key plot points than earlier viewings of the movie. Oliver Stone and Paul haggis keep the plot and dialogue coming fast and furious in that on at almost a relentless pace. I guess Planes, Trains and Automobiles was my meme for the journey..


Porcine but Not Ham Fisted…

by Mark Forman on February 7, 2019

Happy Lunar(Chinese) New Year to all. It is the Year of the Pig according to the Chinese zodiac system. It also happens to be my year for whatever that is worth. The Lunar New year holiday vibe is similar to but also very different from Christmas/New Year holidays in the west. Similarities: big holiday, family time, a lot of eating, gift giving( Chinese custom mostly giving red packets: 紅包 of cash), etc. The Lunar New Year holiday can be as much as a week or more at times (at times because the dates change each year as opposed to the Gregorian calendar which is pretty fixed). Due to the longer duration and the crowding in Taiwan (here for me), most places are jammed and not very much fun unless you like crowds and moving at a glacial pace. So what most people do is practice the art of chillaxing during this time. Hanging out at home, sleeping late and taking naps, hitting Netflix.  Those that like to gamble play mahjong with family and friends often through the night.



Taiwan Says…

by Mark Forman on November 28, 2018

First let me say that the local polling place is downstairs from where I'm sitting right outside my elevator door. Our complex is the largest in the area many area voters already live here is how the logic goes. In fact the District Warden-the most local of local government officials also lives here. I know my wife voted for him because he seems to actually make an effort to help and serve his electorate-sounds good to me. I saw him on Sunday out with his core support team parading around the neighborhood thanking those that voted for him. I congratulated him in Mandarin as I drove by on my scooter-all very Taiwanese style behavior. This was a fairly complicated ballot since there were numerous local elections: mayor, councilman, wardens, etc. There were also 10 referendums on the ballot including nuclear power issues, the name for Taiwan's national team, gay marriage, sex education, etc. The complexity and number of people and issues to vote on produced really long lines and voting times. I could see from my balcony that there was a line all the way down from the poling station out of the complex and around the corner at it's longest.

I don't vote since I'm not able as a non-citizen. Therefore I don't have any dog in the race. My impressions of the results: the DPP government is good at talking/thought breeding but bad at executing. People here are tired of significantly increased air pollution, less liberal-minded than it appeared, and even though the probably hold their nose over Chinese Taipei national team name are willing to put up with it rather than have Beijing pressure the rest of the world teams to exclude a Taiwan named team.


…and Where it Stops Nobody Knows…

11.05.2018 by Mark Forman

I just saw a Tweet reminding me that Daylight savings time is upon us. It also mentioned how many feel some sadness at the change of the season. Maybe that was the reason or part of why I had a couple of days of heavy blue funk going on. A couple of days of rain […]


Celluloid Hero

10.01.2018 by Mark Forman

The last few days have been culturally rich with music-listening to more Spotify during my morning exercise. Recent listens: Miles Davis' Agharta, Jimi Hendrix, some classic old school NYC Hiphop. So yesterday I was sitting around deciding what to watch-had watched Kill Bill Vol. 1 the night before. It dawned on me it had been […]