What material needs handling?

We design and make the correct grippers For yOu!

We do all kinds of custom automation fixtures for semi-conductor/optonics/bio-med fixtures-from micro-to normal size material handling. We also have our FS3510 Auto-Return Vaccum Pick/Place Cylinder Gripper for  in Testing/Assembly/Material transfer for small/light parts/components. We have IC friendly non sticking/anti-static electricity materials to provide the safe vacuum pneumatic or electrical gripping/handling of the work materials. Our suction pads are temp rated from -50C/-58F to 200C/392F Deg. Contact us with your design specifications and we’ll get back to you with prompt quote. on the correct tool for your application. Like the rest of our equipment-it is made in Taiwan but our team of technical experts with excellent quality/precision and value.

Injection Mold Pick/Vacuum Gripping solution

Another Gripper Completed

3 Different tending/Custom Gripper integrations

We can facilitate Your Gripper Needs

Our integrations usually require a custom gripper solution. The marketplace also requires good solutions for standard conditions. We are the right partner to do your gripper product design and production. 

FS3510 pick and place test handler
for secure gripping of Materials

Our Auto-Return Vacuum pick and place test handler is ideal for small/light electronic components for testing/assembling/sorting, etc. Our flat and narrow cylinder is the smallest in it’s market: 7.9 x 13.4mm! The cylinder can be mounted to the robot in 4 different positions as needed. Our Proprietary silicone material is non-sticking and anti-static. We sell the gripper and suction cups in sets of multiple cup sizes. Download catalog below.

From 2mm on up

All Suction Pads use SUS304 fittings

This our patented non-spin design

Example of clean room production vacuum
gripping fixture with 2.2"/60mm suction cup.

Taiwan Quality/ Taiwan Value!