Metal :Material Removal Surface Operations

Material Removal/Metal Surface Solutions

for castings, stampings, forgings, etc.

Modularized Grinding System


TCP Calibration System


Grinding System Example

Examples of aluminum welded bike frames-first row with raw weld seam, 2nd row with grinding done by standard grinder, 3rd row treated by DTboost robotic grinding system.

Grinding System Introduction

  • AR integration enhances efficiency:Tool Center Point (TCP) calibration and the offline programming system saves time and stabilizes quality.
  • Robotmaster off-line programming software requires much less human intervention.
  • Optional auto sandpaper changer: AI sandpaper changer reduces waste and is very stable.
  • Collects information with Smart Machine Box (SMB), monitoring the production and facility status.


Robotic Cutting, Deburring, Grinding Machine


Double Position Rotary Cutter

  • Automatic cutting.
  • Applied material: Steel, iron, aluminum.
  • Double station feeding.
  • Intelligent monitoring system.
  • Increased productivity, labor saving & safety.
  • Cutting Spindle: Floating Type.
  • Robot Protected Device: Customized damping gripper.
  • Good Surface After Cutting: Maintains metallic luster, no burn marks.

Robotic DBRA20 Deburring System

  • Designed for 20KG Robot (robot can be selected according to casting requirements)
  • Workstation combines with the fixture to integrate deburring toolkit with conveyor
  • Integrates the visual system with the automatic gripper-changing box to make production more flexible

Laser Cleaning/Surface Treatment System

  • Coming Soon!

DT Boost is a sister company of DSA-Automation and part of the Meita Group. DT Boost has many years of casting (investment/die/gravity) automation integration design/production experience as well as other metal processing integrations: CNC/Al Welding and various surface treating for unfinished metal parts.

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