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Marlin Automation’s core business is High Mix Low Volume CNC tending modules for Mills and Turning integrations. Small footprint, high versatility, ease of operation, low maintenance, economically priced-fast ROI. This also applies to our systems for casting (die/gravity/investment/sand), laser cutting, grinding, deburring, and sanding modules & tools for metal surface treatment.

End user (factory/machine shop) benefits of using automation robotic integration modular equipment and tools:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Improved accuracy and consistency
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased flexibility and adaptability
  • Improved safety
  • We also offer custom designed Lights out smart factory equipment which is a type of manufacturing equipment that is highly automated and interconnected. This allows it to operate with minimal human intervention. We have done integrations for multinational corporations in for clean room manufacturing and for auto parts, bicycles, etc. Overall, our automation robotic integration modular equipment (standard and custom) and tools are designed to aid your/customer’s productivity with shortest ROI times. They improve efficiency, productivity, and accuracy, while also reducing costs and improving safety.
Regardless of whether you’re Machine Distributor, SI, Engineering Consultant, or Factory owner Marlin Automation-Solution Works is the right choice for you! 

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