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Taipei Gotham’s Dark Knights

October 12th, 2020

I went to Taipei-Taiwan's capital and main city for the Double 10-National Holiday last weekend. One of the things i noticed was an inordinate amount of boys and guys wearing batman t-shirts (fortunately none of them in full batman costumes). I commented on this and my son responded with, "Batman is the only superhero with no super power just a rich man." That is true but I countered with the vigilante element that probably appeals to some men's darker macho side that they can take power into their own hands and stand out by doing so...

Since returning to my less crowded and somewhat sunnier Taichung in central Taiwan I further thought about my impressions from this Taipei trip. Since I'm from the actual model for Gotham City-New York City my mind was flooded with thoughts about it and other east coast cities like Boston or Philly. I realized all older east coast cities are 1) older, 2) receive much rain, 3) tend to be dark and grimy. Taipei kind of fits in with these cities and these attributes. Not saying good or bad just my observations and version of the facts. I do enjoy the dark grimy thing and even the crowding upon occasion. There are definitely different backgrounds and resulting photographic moods.

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Blending the Eras

October 2nd, 2020

This was my first time exploring in a couple areas of Taipei that I've had an interest in for a while: DaDaoCheng and CaoBu Market in Songshan District near the airport runway.. I got there just after 7:00 AM and enjoyed wandering about DaDaoCheng, XiMenDing, WanHua and SongShan districts. Many people were out and about on that early Fall Taipei day. The weather was really nice there (hint: in Taipei nice weather means it didn't rain) but still typically humid due to Taipei's 2 rivers (Keelong and Damshui) snaking through the Taipei basin geography. It was a great day to take some photos and meet up with son and daughter-in-law later on for lunch and afternoon coffee in MinSheng district.

All in all, it was a good day trip for me to accomplish photography, explore and see family...oh and eat some really good food in Taiwan's premier food city.

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Flying High Again

March 31st, 2019

I recently traveled back to the US to help take care of my Mom. The flight there our plane had an entertainment system glitch which meant no movies/media for 12 hour flight. To make life more interesting me and the guy next to me got busted for talking a little loud by the guy seated in front of me. How do I know this? Because not 1 but 2 airline flight attendants came buy and informed us and asked us to keep it down. Don't know the irony emoji but. The annoyed passenger leveraged this situation into a seat further forward in the plane. I saw him at the arrival portion of the flight while everyone was walking past him. He had to wait to go get his overhead stored baggage...oh well. But I digress!

The return flight media system in fine form and I decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. For the record I am not nor ever was a Queen fan. That being said I liked them for a couple of early songs mostly for Brian May's awesome guitar playing and tone. Yes I know Freddie had an awesome voice and the band had a high production standard,etc. Their music was just a little to overblown for my taste bordering on cheesy. Like the Brits say-"Horses for courses."

The movie was great for an airplane ride. The story quality comparable to Movie of the Week on network television=not good but better than nothing. Rami Malek was handed a great character to play and did a reasonable job of interpreting and performing him. I still prefer him as original character in Mr. Roboto. It's really tough to play an actual person, especially one that was a pop star of Freddie's stature. I also watched an old favorite: Planes, Trains and Automobiles and JFK which I actually was able to focus on more of the key plot points than earlier viewings of the movie. Oliver Stone and Paul haggis keep the plot and dialogue coming fast and furious in that on at almost a relentless pace. I guess Planes, Trains and Automobiles was my meme for the journey..

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Another Music From a Different Kitchen

August 3rd, 2017

This year is still year of the Rooster. I can rock with that. Chicken is one of my favorite meats. Alice and Chains- Rooster was an awesome fav back in the day. Never was a Bulls or Air Jordan fan but there is a pleasant visceral quality to red and black together. I don't usually analyze my photos out loud but I do like the women walking into the rooster head implying the passing of time to fill the year. Rocking some Oddisee and Joyner Lucas both learned about on this ep of DEH Podcast. If you haven't listened/watched the podcast it's basically 4.5 hiphop heads talking about music. No fake drama or clickbait kind of stuff just interesting discussion and candor on their feelings about the music at hand.

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2 Worlds

September 14th, 2014

This week my wife and I took a day trip up to Taipei. We needed to take care of some licensing stuff with the government but also planned on having some fun both individually and together. My wife Anne is a panda lover and particularly YuanZai the first panda born in captivity here in Taiwan. She spends lots of time looking at photos and videos of YuanZai and other pandas. This was her first trip to see YuanZai in person. The reason I didn't go along is because aI love street photography even more than pandas so... In fact I went to Wanhua's Long Shan Temple first. I started at the plaza in front of the temple. There are many transients(mostly elderly) that appear to live there. I guess they receive food and water there from some charitable organizations. I took a few shots in that part but after awhile just felt a little overwhelmed by their pity and didn't want to take advantage of that for photography's sake. So from there I went across the street to the historic and famous Long Shan Temple. It wasn't any special fest day so it wan't super-crowded just it's normal busy self:people, burning incense, throwing prayer blocks, lighting candles, reciting sutras. etc.

I have been to Lung Shan temple many times and always find some great shots to take. particularly of interest to me is the human act of devotion and prayer. I have my own personal beliefs but find it fascinating how most people feel the need to express their interest or devotion to God or some higher power, so the corresponding energy and form it takes in doing so provide a great muse for photos.

I walked from Wanhua to it's neighboring ShiMen district. ShiMen is the home to Taipei's young fashionistas. It is very vibrant in it's energy as well as colors and silhouettes. I noticed there was a more international flavor there than I had seen before, particularly with more Asian tourists and mainland Chinese tourists as well. The contrast between what I had just experienced and described above and the much brighter, younger, livelier and prosperous were like night and day. I have been to both of these places before and even the same Wanhua to ShiMen trip but for some reason it really struck me that day-like 2 different worlds.

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