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January 1st, 2020

New year/decade-new image. Same me and you...a little older-a little wiser. Enjoy-be in touch soon.

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Discovery Trumps Routine

October 5th, 2017

I don't usually talk about the images letting them speak for themselves. In this case that is still mostly accurate other than I am mentioning how I went to this area in town because my wife wanted to see the concert hall immediately behind me (no you can't see it because like I said it's behind me). The concert hall architecture is ok but nothing to write home about. In fact I was delighted when I saw this little girl being in her moment as a child moving about enjoying life on her own terms. I commented to her parents that she is much more beautiful than the building. That seemed to make her Dad happy-and is true. I wasn't going for brownie points just my observation in the moment on the beauty of life at a simple and pure age...

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Is it All in My Head…

September 10th, 2017

I just got watching probably the best Joe Rogan Podcast episode I ever watched with Henry Rollins. What makes things good or the best-just personally resonating/connecting with the person, their passion/vibe, outlook/flow... The cool thing about Rollins which I've seen and heard before is how driven he is almost to the point of distraction about being active and productive in his life which would include most waking moments. This is a good high for me on top of the nice caffeine buzz I already had going from the nice Oolong tea. I'm actually thinking about putting air in the tire of my bike which I got back from my son after graduating college. Just pedal around, think about stuff and take some photos. I can think of worse things. I realized during listening to him that I do much traveling through the lens of my camera meaning I don't feel the need to go great distances often. I enjoy trips when I do them just it's great for me to be able to have a trip during other people's totally mundane moments. For me that is winning.

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3 Simpletons

September 8th, 2017

Seeing this shot reminds me that's it's been a little while since I went out for some night shooting.I think in anything of value there is always some element of struggle. The night is much easier to give in to inertia and just stay at home...however there is the allure of a shot or too totally unique from my others. The right compositional elements, good lighting, the decisive moment. These are things that you can't really control. Call it the thrill of the hunt. Maybe tonight's the night...

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Silent Tree Screams

April 29th, 2017

Maybe this is inane in it's obviousness but I'm so spellbound by red in the world around me. I like other colors as well but red always grabs me. Got to be true to what you feel I guess. This shot was taken in a part of my city-Taichung, Taiwan that is going through some major changes. They are adding many new roads through this are a because the railroad line used to run on the ground-now it's been elevated so it allows the city to add many new roads. I guess I like the newness and the chaos. So we're working on a red chaos theme here at BBluesman today... 😀 There is also a big temple in this area on the other side of the main market in town which is in the process of moving to new area on this side of the old tracks as well. Lots of upheaval and changes in the name of progress.

Taichung like all of Taiwan's cities was designed by its former Japanese colonial master. Hence the core and original flavor of Taiwan's cities is very much like Japanese cities-government buildings all built in the colonial style of architecture which is very early 20th century European in flavor. The other key element of Japanese cities are the train station is the hub and the city flows out from it. That still exists here but it is being altered here in mealtime with elevated railway line and new MRT line being built and ready to start running by the end of the year. This is kind of exciting for me to witness. I didn't see nearly this much infrastructure development during my 60's/70s youth in Brooklyn.

Check out this classic jam from back in the day-I reconnected with it on Spotify last night. I've actually been listening to music with the earbuds in each night before I drift off into my own private David Lynch movie.

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