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STAR(ting) Over

September 10th, 2019

Haven't gone out with DSLR camera in a while specifically to catch some street shots. Have thought about it-this years extremely rainy summer probably also a factor. I recently visited the eastern coast of Taiwan-Hualien. Didn't do much shooting to speak of and whatever I did do was with IPhone camera. Nothing wrong with that just not the same. The market in this series was a regular stop for me at least a few times a month when I was shooting several mornings a week. Hadn't been there in over a year and the crowded streets and alleys reminded me of that. Still made several trips back and forth up and down. This time was right before the big holiday later this week-Mid-Autumn Festival. Many vendors had moon cakes for sale, most people were buying meat and other goodies to barbecue with families and friends under the full Autumn moon.

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Flying High Again

March 31st, 2019

I recently traveled back to the US to help take care of my Mom. The flight there our plane had an entertainment system glitch which meant no movies/media for 12 hour flight. To make life more interesting me and the guy next to me got busted for talking a little loud by the guy seated in front of me. How do I know this? Because not 1 but 2 airline flight attendants came buy and informed us and asked us to keep it down. Don't know the irony emoji but. The annoyed passenger leveraged this situation into a seat further forward in the plane. I saw him at the arrival portion of the flight while everyone was walking past him. He had to wait to go get his overhead stored baggage...oh well. But I digress!

The return flight media system in fine form and I decided to watch Bohemian Rhapsody. For the record I am not nor ever was a Queen fan. That being said I liked them for a couple of early songs mostly for Brian May's awesome guitar playing and tone. Yes I know Freddie had an awesome voice and the band had a high production standard,etc. Their music was just a little to overblown for my taste bordering on cheesy. Like the Brits say-"Horses for courses."

The movie was great for an airplane ride. The story quality comparable to Movie of the Week on network television=not good but better than nothing. Rami Malek was handed a great character to play and did a reasonable job of interpreting and performing him. I still prefer him as original character in Mr. Roboto. It's really tough to play an actual person, especially one that was a pop star of Freddie's stature. I also watched an old favorite: Planes, Trains and Automobiles and JFK which I actually was able to focus on more of the key plot points than earlier viewings of the movie. Oliver Stone and Paul haggis keep the plot and dialogue coming fast and furious in that on at almost a relentless pace. I guess Planes, Trains and Automobiles was my meme for the journey..

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…and Where it Stops Nobody Knows…

November 5th, 2018

I just saw a Tweet reminding me that Daylight savings time is upon us. It also mentioned how many feel some sadness at the change of the season. Maybe that was the reason or part of why I had a couple of days of heavy blue funk going on. A couple of days of rain and missed exercise least week didn't help either. It's amazing how much regular exercise increases serotonin levels and lifts your mood. This photo was taken on the first day after the 2 rainy days I mentioned. I made myself go out and take my camera with me. I decided that the walking and the street photography were just the medicine that Dr. Forman ordered. He was right!

I shoot much less these days. It seems when I do I am much more focused and predisposed to get a grouping of good shots. I still prefer to shoot with the DSLR and leave the phone in my pocket. I'm sure in my eclectic fashion that at some point I'll have the itch to shoot nothing but phone shots for a period but it hasn't happened recently so... This area flea market was quite bustling. The other day I told some local friends one of the things I like most about Asia are it's markets. So alive and chaotic very much like life itself. It is the wildly beating heart of the town or the city it is in.

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Hey Daddyo

July 29th, 2018

While watching Castle Rock I scanneed on the Ramones poster during a flashback scene with Andre Holland in the neighbor girl's room. This of course led to me thinking about my initial connection to the band. I was reluctant to listen to what was labeled "pun" since I felt it wasn't worth my time. A good friend who was as clean cut as they came-a pole vaulter, body/health freak of a young guy told me how he got a Ramones record and how great they were. I'm thinking if Thor (that's what he looked like) is into them, can they really be that good and conversely, can they really be that subversive if he likes them? Well they really were that good and I don't know about subversive-not them anyway. It was like listening to Mad Magazine if it were a musical format. The lyrics were straight zany and the frantic buzzsaw guitars and nasal Joey vocals were all a perfect fit. The Ramones were my gateway drug into the Sex Pistols, Talking Heads, the Buzzcocks, Patti Smith, Iggy Pop and many others. RIP-Rockaway in Peace Ramones!

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Rochester Blues

April 23rd, 2018

The Tweet below reminded me of a personal experience in elementary school in Brooklyn. I'm guessing around 2nd or 3rd grade. We had a new student named Kenneth who joined the class after the school year was in progress. Kenneth was an odd kid. He told us how he often took trips in rocket ships and that he was actually older than his parents. He also complained of regular headaches. Maybe these 3 things are all related. In any case-I didn't believe him about being older than his parents.🚀👴👵👽

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