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June 5th, 2009

Yes, yet another change in name and theme for this site. Mostly cosmetic-we have been committed to producing, pointing to, digesting and regurgitating art in all of it's forms for a long time.  So our mission(song) remains the same.

Black orchid Orchid power-these flowers are very fussy and difficult to grow. I call this one "Black Orchid" do to the dark toned process. There is an air of mystery..moodiness. Do you have a black orchid hiding in the shadows of your life some where? Are you waiting for one?

Twofer... Setting up beside the road-this man sells his wares. Maybe you stop and buy from him, maybe you don't give him a second glance as you pass him by. One foot, on motorcycle, on bike. If you stop he is ready to serve. Fruits or vegetables-what you buy from him today will be part of you tomorrow and ever after.

Anyone see the bridge? Bridges-devices linking to seperate places together. A channel, lifeline, road, doorway, link. This one red-the color of fire, of blood, vitality...

...and a 2... Preaching to the choir-redundancy. They're already on the team, fired up, motivated wanting to go. Engines are ready, like a racehorse wanting out of the gate. Let 'em go! Blue is the color of water-quenches the fire. Brings refreshing and a moment to ponder...

OK so let's go with red-big surprise huh?This band and album/song changed my life,hope it touches yours.

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Pixels are everywhere…

June 2nd, 2009



 The basic unit of the composition of an image on a television screen, computer monitor, or similar display.

The art is in the capturing and treatment.

Worldwide Photo Walk-Taichung is making some progress with signups. Please feel free to join us or tell a photography loving friend in the Taichung area to join us. 全球攝影門市台中是取得了一些進展,註冊。請隨時加入我們的行列,或告訴攝影愛好的朋友在台中地區.

Musical inspiration: Melvin Gibbs-Elevated Entity-Sometimes

...bunch a animals! "bunch a animals" since there is no "pinata" culture in Taiwan I will have to settle for these interpretations of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. I think kites and wire form creations are right up there on my list behind lanterns. All similar materials/constructions just some different applications. This in front of the FuHsing Matsu Temple Shiluo,Taiwan.

Pretty in pink "Pretty in Pink" was one of my favorite movies as a teen. The name and theme lend themselves to so many iterations. A busy day under the sun at outdoor food fair.

Wobbly... We can all get "wobbly" sometimes for a variety of reasons: alcohol, fatigue, sickness, inner ear problems,  etc. Don't know what this fellow's reason was. Just seemed ready for me to photograph-so I did. Maybe I was the wobbly one?

Fire in the sky While not a big Ozzie Osbourne fan I couldn't help but think of his song title-"Fire in the Sky" for this image. Shot in the new downtain area of Taichung (moving westward out from original main train station area-towards China and the Taichung Harbor).

For black & white photos please drop by Big In Asia:Monochrome.

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Looking out from my window

May 28th, 2009

What am I seeing,hearing thinking right now? Well kind of excited to be involved in Worldwide Photo Walk project. Leading the walk here in Taichung, Taiwan. First time event is being represented in Taichung or Taiwan. There is another walk in Taipei being hosted by Craig of CF Images. Please contact either one of us if our location and event offer interest to you. Listening to some incredibly vital and inspiring music while I type this: David Murray-Gwotet. If you like music that makes you want to bounce and fall down and roll around all at the same time with waves of hot saxophones and Afro-beat rhythms-this is what the doctor ordered!

Praying hands When I see this image it hits me on 2 levels-the spiritual and lofty and the more mundane humorous-Praying Hands is  the title I chose for obvious reasons but the moment I did my mind went to Devo's zany "Praying Hands" song. Lord help me/us! In any case I think a person communing with their faith and deity is a precious thing and force.

Sandman seen Sleeping it off. We've all had moments where we were overwhelmed by circumstances or substances. This fellow chose the safety of this park bench to deal with his situation. All around him the sun was rising, people were exercising, doing TaiChi, selling vegetables, but he just "slept." May we all have the sleep of this man when it is needed.

Lily pond dreams I've walked by this spot in the nearby JiuShe Park a zillion times. This morning this spot cried out to me. The magic of the moment-I saw this spot like never before, especially the lovely bend to the manmade creek with all the pretty flowers gathering to greet me.

Dance water dance! All this red goodness is the gravy on this cute little girl's casual abandon surrendering to the joy of playing with founts of cool,wet water on a  hot early Summer day. Is there anything better? Where are your founts of cool water to refresh? Find them soon and relax for a minute. Listen to some nice music and take a journey-you'll appreciate the exercise. 😀

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I feel mysterious today

May 17th, 2009

Sometimes when I'm shooting photographs I feel elated by the element of discovery some magic bright moment captured on film memory chip for digital posterity's sake. However, when in the edit mode where everything is within the computer, a little tiny world primarily under my control I feel a sense of mystery in the editing process. There are many more choices here. This isn't like driving a car-straight, left, right. The levels and sliders of the software controls allow a much deeper range of micro-adjustment. Sometimes the results are great sometimes less so. Musical inspiration for this post is Wire-I Feel Mysterious Today.ZZZzzzing...ouT! When this old woman was observed in this position I knew I had a great shot. The response on flickr was great right off. I knew my only task in post-edit was to portray her essence. A moment of fatigue in the course of her day as early-rising vegetable vendor. Some people ask me if I feel funny or wrong about taking people's pictures. My response is no because I know I'll try to present them in a way that their beauty can be observed. Everyone has that beauty, an artist should try to present that.

7th Inning already? The wonder and magic of people. A gesture a look a reflex captured at just the right time or hopefully in right way. The animus of people is quite fascinating. Movement provided by the breath of God...

Time to eat... Making the mundane things like taking a lunch break at a noodle stand into an image that is archived and shared electronically over the digital grid for some to smile, gasp, shake their heads, nod in approval, deride....

Another Red World People from the Red World should never be taken lightly! It seems like one of my missions living in Taiwan with camera in hand is to capture all the red energy emitted here. Random thought-my name Mark is derived from Mars the god of war, the namesake of the planet. Anyway, red doesn't scare me...

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May 11th, 2009

aphorism, a statement of some general principle, expressed memorably by condensing much wisdom into few words: ‘Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth’ (Wilde); ‘The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom’ (Blake). Aphorisms often take the form of a definition: ‘Hypocrisy is a homage paid by vice to virtue’ (La Rochefoucauld). An author who composes aphorisms is an aphorist.

A usually pithy and familiar statement expressing an observation or principle generally accepted as wise or true: adage, byword, maxim, motto, proverb, saw, saying.

Is Twitter the coliseum of days past where aphoristic gladiators train and do battle?

...put all your eggs in... Sometimes you have to break eggs to make omelettes. Are your eggss scrambled, sunny-side up, runny, hard-boiled, rotten?

An apple a day ... An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Is your mind healthy and polished or is it more like  apple sauce? What is at the core?

Standing out while scooting... If wishes were horses we'd all ride. What is holding you back from riding instead of trudging? Need a horse, better saddle, riding lessons, more hay?

Outside looking in... Birds of a feather flock together. So what's up with him then? Do you do better at flying solo or in a flock? Your ducks in a row?

Today I'm the guy with the answers masked as questions, someday I'll be the guy with answers marked down ready for a sidewalk sale.

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