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It Hurts My Brain

September 22nd, 2021

Today's music is Gang of Four, Husker Du, Wire, Public Image Ltd., Fugazi, Black Flag and Sonic Youth. Read a poem about angst. That's about it... Bed Music: Courtesy of Melvin Gibbs

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Steve Winwood

September 22nd, 2021

One of my favorite musicians particularly Traffic-his band. Selections from Spencer Davis, Blind Faith, Traffic and Cream for 20 songs. Share The Great Longing by Kahlil Gibran Bed Music: Courtesy of Melvin Gibbs

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Art to Add Some Positive Energy…

November 16th, 2016

These recent months with the progressively awful pre-election rhetoric and then the aftermath of the result have not been America's or the World's finest moments in my opinion. I'm glad I haven't been living there for selfish reasons-it has spared me a lot of the direct impact of this news echo chamber day in and day out. For the record-I wasn't a supporter of either candidate feeling that elections have become a thing of 2 bad choices each time-or slightly different flavors of the same bad choice. Rather, than think too much about what will happen or if the news media is finally going to get it right I felt moved to take my head out of that dark cloud and put it in a "happier place" an art cloud if you will. I decided to go back and sort through my archives to make some new versions of my original shots and to take some new shots as well. Definitely the right choice because the process only leaves me feeling upbeat and fulfilled. If you get can enjoyment out of them that only adds to the value of my derision. These 3 images all from 2010 for whatever that's worth-still the early days of my photography odyssey.

Out and About



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GaoMei Wetlands

January 20th, 2015

GaoMei Wetlands by Mark Forman on Exposure

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Speed of life

June 15th, 2009

Music-David Bowie-Low:Speed of Life
KTV cleanup Talking Heads sang, "This is no party, this is no disco...". Well while KTV is not really a disco it is a synthetic party place. It offers your own room for your karaoke partying madness. These guys are getting ready to close-up and go home. Some how the party is never as much fun for the people that have to clean up. No one wants to be pushing the broom behind the elephants...

Red buses best Wasn't looking for a streetcar named Desire when I found these buses. Wasn't looking for them either, so we'll count it as them finding me. Would like to ride them some day, maybe sipping a Taiwan Iced Coffee with Taiwan rum inside...or maybe just a bubble tea. Red energy on a blue/yellow day. Color this full.

On 3-hit it! Let's Dance! Let's exercise...One of the things I love about Taiwan and China is how people utilize public spaces as their extended living room. People think nothing of dancing,taichi,exercising, etc. in large groups in public. Bravo! I <3 it!

It's watching... The new Transformer movie is out(snore) like the toys way better than the movies. Memories of son driving me crazy with transforming his transformers. One fo the coolest Japanese toys ever(no mean feat from a land of cool toys). Surrounded by machines-do you ever get the feeling they're watching us?

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