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Social Media Dilution

September 7th, 2015

The meaning of the title...blah, blah, blah. Yes because of social media sites I devote much less time to this site. That being said it's still mine to ignore abuse or adore as I please. I hope you still stop by and kick the tires from time to time. I've been listening to so much less music than I used to do back in the day. That being said, I'm viewing far more moving media(small screen in this case) than before. Also shooting and editing more photos and still playing my guitar whenever I think of it. The flow of information, the associated value the way it disrupts or corrupts a little different but still kind of the same. watched a cool David Byrne video of an old talking Heads song: Houses in Motion. Will link below. I remember Tina Weymouth, Byrne's former band mate from The Heads saying of him, David Bowie and Brian Eno-"Those 3 are always the smartest in the room and they love talking to each other. One day I can picture them as old men talking amongst themselves ignoring everyone else in the room." well he does have white hair now...  I met and spoke to him after a Talking Heads show in Tucson back in the late 70's-indeed a bright and interesting guy. Heard he has Asperger's-seems about right.Have been busy working on new performance materials for shoes, athletic and protective gear lately. Good breakthrough on vibration damping/shock absorbing 3D moldable material-Visorb Life is good because it's life and trying to make the most of it with family and friends. Thankful for every day and moment which is full of new opportunities, experiences and memories 😀

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The Color Thing

October 26th, 2014

The longest struggle I've had in my personal photography journey is with color. Finding the right ones together, not too many, not too over-saturated, balanced, etc. I was also struggling within how I processed them and my related software/camera settings to achieve color that appealed to and satisfied my eye. I'm finally getting much closer on my processing efforts which still eave the challenge of finding the right colors and composition. This image was the last one from my photowalk yesterday. Oddly, often times my last image is often a good one, sometimes the best of the day. Why? I don't know, maybe even though I'm a little tired from the walking and all the focusing I'm still very much in the "zone" that focused mental space that has been pushing your eye and mind to latch onto compelling frames from the world around you.

Regarding this image I confess that red and yellow are 2 colors that always appeal to me so here they are benefited by the texture and the one strong geometric shape and voila.

Pa t Metheny is one of my favorite and most distinctive modern jazz artists. He like most great musicians always select and attract talented accompanists.I had the privilege of seeing him in a small club which was total serendipity-I had no idea the town I was driving to was where he and his trio were playing.It was fantastic. Here is a nice piece of music from him.


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Spy Vs. Spy

October 23rd, 2014

When I was a kid one of my favorite things to read was Mad Magazine. One of the best parts of Mad was the Spy Vs. Spy comics.

 So my image above of the 2 monks seeking offerings at the busy market made me flashback on the comic due to the monochrome duality nature of the image I guess. OK maybe it's how my mind works-normal or warped, I'll let you be the judge but it's how I'm wired in any case. That being said I am always drawn to shooting Buddhist monks and nuns because of their iconic form and silhouette. Even though I've lived here in Taiwan for over 20 years there is still something intriguing and captivating about them.

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We All Danced Together

March 5th, 2013

We All Danced Together
Some songs while not necessarily the a favorite or even a regular on your playlist still take on a significance of epic proportion in your life's soundtrack. They can serve as an instant reality check whenever you hear them. One such song is Lee Michaels-Do You Know What I Mean? Lee's song qualifies him for one hit wonder godlike status. There are so many great one hit wonder songs which pre-dated the current single song mp3 or streaming single of our music lives now. Some other one hit wonder favorites of mine are Clarence Carter-PatchesThe Chairmen of the Board-Give Me Just a Little More TimeFreda Payne-Band of Gold and Melanie-Candles in the Rain. There are many more and I will share some from time to time. I must confess I've always been lyrically deaf-meaning that I've always been sensitive to music and melody but always have had a difficult time hearing and absorbing lyrics. I will endeavor to listen to these classics with the intent of absorbing more of the composer's lyrical intention.

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Speed of life

June 15th, 2009

Music-David Bowie-Low:Speed of Life
KTV cleanup Talking Heads sang, "This is no party, this is no disco...". Well while KTV is not really a disco it is a synthetic party place. It offers your own room for your karaoke partying madness. These guys are getting ready to close-up and go home. Some how the party is never as much fun for the people that have to clean up. No one wants to be pushing the broom behind the elephants...

Red buses best Wasn't looking for a streetcar named Desire when I found these buses. Wasn't looking for them either, so we'll count it as them finding me. Would like to ride them some day, maybe sipping a Taiwan Iced Coffee with Taiwan rum inside...or maybe just a bubble tea. Red energy on a blue/yellow day. Color this full.

On 3-hit it! Let's Dance! Let's exercise...One of the things I love about Taiwan and China is how people utilize public spaces as their extended living room. People think nothing of dancing,taichi,exercising, etc. in large groups in public. Bravo! I <3 it!

It's watching... The new Transformer movie is out(snore) like the toys way better than the movies. Memories of son driving me crazy with transforming his transformers. One fo the coolest Japanese toys ever(no mean feat from a land of cool toys). Surrounded by machines-do you ever get the feeling they're watching us?

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