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For Mom

December 4th, 2020

So the weekend after Thanksgiving a good time to reflect. i had been thinking about doing something to remember Mom since her passing on 7/2/20 of this year-declared a Covid 19 death. Mom had not been the healthiest-the picture above was at her 80th birthday party early this year. She looked pretty good, actually the best she had in a long time. Anyhow, the rest of what I want to say is in the podcast. Love you Mom-it wasn't always easy but it was always real. Wouldn't be here without you and I'll never forget that.

Socialybrium music permitted by Melvin Gibbs who like me lived in Vandeveer Projects in Flatbush for a spell.

A.Connector For Mom

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Re-make Re-model

December 25th, 2017

It's been ages since I did a podcast. As some of you know I did many back in the early days of podcasting post Y2K days... Been listening to a number of podcasts lately. Thought I'd dust off the voice box and give it a whirl. ūüėÄ Minor glitch for about 20 seconds a minute in...oh well. It will get better moving forward. Happy Holidays.

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Ask a Fish…

October 17th, 2016

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"Ask a fish to describe water. It can't because it doesn't know that water exists."

When I was a new college student in the dorm-already a trippy new experience, I remember wanting to make conversation with my roommate who was sent by his airline in Japan for English training in the US. My roommate's name was Etsu. He was very shy and not a proficient English speaker. I recall trying to make conversation with him and asking him what was it like to grow up on an island? He paused as it was obviously an awkward question which he couldn't come up with a good answer for. It was about 3 days later when the inanity of my question to him became apparent to me-I myself had grown up on an island(Long Island) and had absolutely no awareness of my home being an island. Brooklyn was just Brooklyn to me-and more specifically my tiny part of it-Flatbush, Midwood and really just the space I lived in with my family was just the world I knew and had no special name or awareness that I attached to it.

The photo above was taken in the YanCheng District of Kaohsiung, Taiwan close to the harbor, I'm sure there are many fish swimming around in there. I have no clue how they feel although I enjoy fish. I did enjoy the family time together and the waterfront city. There are many more good images to be had there and hopefully I'll have more time to go and get some of them, have conversations with some more people and try to learn that "water exists."

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5 Dimes…

March 24th, 2009

Kevin close upJust having some random thoughts thinking back over the first 50 years of my life. Some of the obvious highlights were holding my daughter Michelle and son Kevin moments after they were born. Visiting¬†Crater Lake¬†and the¬†Badlands-two amazing while completely different landscapes. Hanging out with¬†Muhal Richard Abrams¬†listeningto his piano playing and talking to him about stuff. Eating a¬†Nathan's¬†hot dog,¬†Yonah Shimmel knish, most¬†Brooklyn pizza¬†, and¬†Lundy's: anything on their wonderful menu. Seeing the¬†Grand Canyon¬†for the first time with Taiwanese business friend who simply said, "Hallelujah!" checking out the¬†Triple Crown of Surfing¬†in Oahu on the North Shore. Too many meals in¬†NYC Chinatown¬†to count. Most of¬†Robert DeNiro's early fims. Being loved by my family and friends even when I make that very challenging. Having the opportunity for some more...

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