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July 30th, 2015

This was taken a couple of years back in Lukang, Taiwan. One of my favorite cultural spots in Taiwan and consequently a place I like to visit repeatedly. This is inside the Long Shan Temple which is a great location to shoot due to it's distinctive architecture, scale of the place and the lighting it offers at different times of the year and day. Not long ago I shared a thought that occurred to me with a visitor that I also brought here: "there's something about places that experience a lot of human traffic or interaction. They seem to store and reflect the energy of the people that have contacted it stayed or moved through there." This if course is something very subtle not overt. Lukang has many places like this and Long Shan Temple in particular.


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Abstracting the Essence

November 28th, 2014

One part of photography I really love is doing abstract photos. Abstract is a pretty broad word meaning different things to different people. What I like is taking something and giving it much greater significance than it's original context-so you can also say exaggerating that element. It can also mean something that loses it's natural state and appears somewhat altered. 50mm lenses generally are good lenses for doing those kind of abstractions as in this case. Side view of small Buddha statue in on room of the WenWu Temple-Lukang, Taiwan.

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Summary of New Years break

January 31st, 2009

This years holiday was quite lengthy clocking in at 9.5 days. It was busy and restful. The busy part mostly getting out and doing some photo shoots and processing and uploading those images. Please note some of these below.

Flowery fieldSuch beautiful flowers. I found out later that these are grown from government provided seed. Farmers can also claim a stipend for growing them, this way the government ensures that farmers will rest the field from rice planting and not deplete the soil of it's nutrients. These will be ground into mulch for the next rice planting. Beautiful ephemera.

King holding court...Pauper or king is irrelevant, it's how you carry yourself. This guy seems to be very at peace in his element and clearly he's on his throne.

Saying, What is crazy? Absurd? Macabre? These are all relative concepts like: pristine, demure,rational... This lady was into selling her blessings out by the Matsu Temple in Fengyuan, Taiwan. She was certainly a  bella figura that day.

Lantern seaRed lanterns always draw my eye like floating candy apples suspended in the air. This was one of the better groupings I've captured so far (in the main entrance tot he Matsu Temple in Fengyuan). Matsu is the local goddess of mercy and the patron saint of fishermen in Taiwan and southern Fujian, China.

SANY0027Jean Marais-better known as: Moshang, the Sound Jeweler is a figment of both his and my imaginations. However his chillout music isn't fictional. It is real and quite soothing on the ears. Jean likes some of my photos so I got the idea to do a photo shoot with him. The rest of the images are here. This shot taken at the Martyr's Shrine in Taichung.

Doing I continue to love Lukang and visit it and share it with friends and visitors whenever I can. This time it was with John (pictured in his 6'9" self walking away)and Carrie, and David and Katherine. There are always plenty of people around and the place is just such a great backdrop and oozing with Taiwanese history and culture. Were those folks along the wall the ultimate in nonchalance or what?

This lady was all decked out in her New Year's hawtness. She seemed very enrapt in her conversation, oblivious to the whole world walking past her. Detachment is an artform...

Festival of Lights (Diwali)

Festival of lights round the corner
Very thought of it peps up the fervor
Everywhere ambiance is full of glitter
Victory of good over evil is the day’s flavor 

Children of *Sivakasi huddled in dark environ
Squadrons of masters in rapt supervision
Speed of the nimble fingers the criterion
Sparkling crackers packed with sweat of the human

Spare a thought for these less-privileged
Score a win over the oppression unbridled
Arouse public opinion on their miseries untold
Amelioration at once the hour’s need indeed

Festival of lights round the corner
Very thought of it peps up the fervor
Everywhere ambiance is full of glitter
Victory of good over evil is the day’s flavor

*Sivakasi (Tamil: ச ி வ க ா ச ி 😉 is a city and a municipality in Virudhunagar district in the State of Tamil Nadu, South India, India.The town is famous all over India for its fireworks and matches factories. 

Rangarajan Kazhiyur Mannar

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More shadows and light

October 7th, 2008

This offering will be a little more eclectic than usual...or maybe not.

Lil Red Roosters 

This bowl of roosters was spotted down on a recent trip to ChienKuo Market for some things. Fresh doesn't get any fresher....

The trees 

The pattern that leaves make is one of my favorites.


Took this shot during break from father and son football toss in nearby park.

Senior pushups 

This old chap was quite good about getting his exercise regimen in.

Father <span class=& son by pond" width="500" height="374" /> 

Thought this was a nice shot of another father and son-hanging out by stream and pond that run through park.

 Winding alley 

This almost feels Mediterranean to me-maybe it's the color palette or the soft light?

Roadside guava shopping 

A couple of ladies stopping dueing lunch breeak for guava purchase while I run for lunch.

Plush set 

"Plush" clear out sale across from my noodle stand choice of the moment.

Kevin <span class=& Reggie postcard browsing" width="500" height="375" /> 

Kevin and Reggie check out the mini paper model postcards on lively Lukang 9 Curve Alley.

Topper winding up 

Some guy gets ready to do his Chinese top throwing.

9 turn alley bloom 

Pretty bloom growing along busy alley.

Happy lanterns 

At the famous lantern shop on Lukang's main drag.

Reggie at the picture tile wall 

Reggie checking out the tile murals-enjoying his first Lukang vist.

Mountains in the clouds 

Mountains above the clouds from my bedroom window.

Chilling in Taichung Park 

Kevin and Reggie hanging in Taichung park towards the end of Reggie's visit. Couldn't ask for better fall weather.

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Around Formosa(Taiwan)

August 29th, 2008

Moving around Nantou and Lukang:Central Taiwan with the Saito's

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