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Blending the Eras

October 2nd, 2020

This was my first time exploring in a couple areas of Taipei that I've had an interest in for a while: DaDaoCheng and CaoBu Market in Songshan District near the airport runway.. I got there just after 7:00 AM and enjoyed wandering about DaDaoCheng, XiMenDing, WanHua and SongShan districts. Many people were out and about on that early Fall Taipei day. The weather was really nice there (hint: in Taipei nice weather means it didn't rain) but still typically humid due to Taipei's 2 rivers (Keelong and Damshui) snaking through the Taipei basin geography. It was a great day to take some photos and meet up with son and daughter-in-law later on for lunch and afternoon coffee in MinSheng district.

All in all, it was a good day trip for me to accomplish photography, explore and see family...oh and eat some really good food in Taiwan's premier food city.

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May 21st, 2009

Well Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian are called the Romance languages (Romantic languages or Neo-Latin languages)and the first non-English language I studied was Spanish. That was for practical reasons due to the large Hispanic population of my native New York City and later when living in Tucson 40 miles from the border of Mexico. I'd be remiss if I didn't confess a love and fascination for Latin America and the Latin countries of Europe as well. Maybe it's the big dark eyes or the heat,  or the wonderful food art and music,or the passion that people have for life: "Joie de vivre" or to coin an Iggy Pop song title-Lust For Life!

I've been both encouraged and inspired by viewing the images of some photo friends from these places and from their encouraging feedback  on my work. So let's just say we have good chemistry or a kindred spirit that is intuited through our art. Quite flattering to me when you consider the uber-rich artistic community that they grew up in and their many museums and iconic architecture; that they'd find my humble images interesting. I long to visit these places and believe one day I will. Would love to meet some of them and see some of what they've seen firsthand as I'm sure many of them would like to visit places from my life: NYC, Tucson and Taiwan.Quite incensed! Here is an image that I frequently see in countless temples throughout Taiwan. This temple is one of the biggest and wealthiest (temples have an association that does fund-raising but are not part of larger organized religion,  hyper-local to a given neighborhood) in the central Taiwan city of Taichung. My reason for liking this one is they have some of the less common golden-yellow lanterns throughout their space.

Reflecting on lenses What do you see when you see something? redundant, but not a trick question. So, what do you see? I knew I'd shoot this shot before leaving my house that day. Didn't know it'd turn out this well. Very meta but I'm far more in love with what was in the reflection than what was in the main image. Wait I love the images inside the images and... OK what do you see?

A bite better than a nibble So many people that visit Taiwan will rave about the food-how good and fresh it is. I'd have to agree overall even though we eat at homemuch more than outside. Taiwan's selection of fresh fruits and vegetables is abundant and markets are everyewhere. Shopping daily is convenient and colorful. This food stand is in one of Taichung's oldest markets:#2 Market. Nice looking Japanese food shop-will have to try sometime.

Thinking beauty... Sometimes you spot a face in the crowd ever so slightly. You take the shot and when you open to edit you discover like a present on Christmas day what you really have and feel the great joy and wonderment.

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