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Where Does the Time Go?

February 1st, 2020

So I'm asking myself about this time continuum thing? Just went through second set of New Year's 1 fixed time on solar calendar the other fixed time on lunar calendar. They both speak different languages so can't sync exactly. I know that sounds very technical and mathematically geeky-it is what it is. It messes with me each year even though I've been dealing with it for over 30 years.

Seems like every 10 years or so China pulls out another new virus for the planet, tries to ignore it hoping it will go away as suddenly as it came.  Then cringes with egg on its while the whole world stares at them in angry disbelief...really China? The internet is very effective at causing extra hysteria over many issues. Right now masks which are as common as rice here in Taiwan (ok almost as common) are now unavailable despite the government claiming they are monitoring production and controlling distribution so everyone can get 3 a day as needed. Well none to be had for the last several days. This feeds hysteria especially when it gets whispered or shouted on Twitter, FB, IG and here although my shout here is a tiny whisper compared to the megawatt megaphone so those Goliaths..

If you've been listening to the A.Connector Podcast-thanks. Sorry for the long break- yep I'll blame it on the holidays-being busy and distracted. New one coming up soon.

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January 1st, 2020

New year/decade-new image. Same me and you...a little older-a little wiser. Enjoy-be in touch soon.

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GaoMei Wetlands

January 20th, 2015

GaoMei Wetlands by Mark Forman on Exposure

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The Color Thing

October 26th, 2014

The longest struggle I've had in my personal photography journey is with color. Finding the right ones together, not too many, not too over-saturated, balanced, etc. I was also struggling within how I processed them and my related software/camera settings to achieve color that appealed to and satisfied my eye. I'm finally getting much closer on my processing efforts which still eave the challenge of finding the right colors and composition. This image was the last one from my photowalk yesterday. Oddly, often times my last image is often a good one, sometimes the best of the day. Why? I don't know, maybe even though I'm a little tired from the walking and all the focusing I'm still very much in the "zone" that focused mental space that has been pushing your eye and mind to latch onto compelling frames from the world around you.

Regarding this image I confess that red and yellow are 2 colors that always appeal to me so here they are benefited by the texture and the one strong geometric shape and voila.

Pa t Metheny is one of my favorite and most distinctive modern jazz artists. He like most great musicians always select and attract talented accompanists.I had the privilege of seeing him in a small club which was total serendipity-I had no idea the town I was driving to was where he and his trio were playing.It was fantastic. Here is a nice piece of music from him.


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October 21st, 2014

Recently I've made some adjustments to the settings on my DSLR. I discovered on a recent night shoot that I was getting a lot of noise and not clear definition as I expected. After doing some research on a photography forum I found that using ISO noise reduction offers softer images while offering some noise reduction in camera. So I switched it off and am getting much clearer/sharper images. I also made some adjustments to my color: vibrance settings to tone it down a little bit. This abstract at a nearby temple which sits under a great tree in the middle of the road here in the BeiTun District of Taichung, Taiwan. Big trees take on a divine status in this animist/Taoist/Buddhist Taiwanese culture. Therefore many of them will have a shrine built beneath them and the road will move around it. The Chinese have a saying: "The mountain won't turn so the road must!" "山不轉,路轉" 

Here is a link to a feature on my BW street work over at the Flickr Blog

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