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Crowd Sourcing

June 23rd, 2018

I recently decided to pivot on a new product I was developing. Originally I was planning to do a peel and stick grip skin for smart phones. So all the IPhone models and leading phones would have their own skin to fit the given model. I decided to move in a more general direction-casting my net wider if you will. The change I made was to more of a DIY variation. Now the product is several different sized peel and stick AirSil™ foam rubber strips and pads that come in 2 versions; 1 for phones, PDAs, etc., and 1 for hardware and tools. Here is some more info at my product site (still in process) that you can look at. I'll update on when it's live and ready for sale. I had some contact with a well established branded company in the DIY/Hardware space that requested samples so hopefully this is an indication I made a reasonable decision. Time will tell :).

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February 5th, 2018

Confession-I always loved playing football-on the streets of Brooklyn with 3 manhole covers measuring the length of  field, in between the occasional car coming down E.27th St., when we'd wait for the car to pass and move to0 the side. I have never been  a lover of watching football on TV or playing organized team football. It was always too confusing for me to watch the game and focus on where the key action was happening. Maybe growing up without a father in the house and not having been baptized into the "NFL faith" made a difference too. So skipping the Superbowl  is much easier 1/2 way around the globe. When I see Twitter going off about it the related tribal comments coming from people I normally respect and consider culturally aware or bright reminds me of the disconnect factor that occurs now and again in our society.

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Holiday in the Sun

November 27th, 2017

Just got through first big holiday of the double whammy holiday season that has been my life for the last 30 years. Today is actually my 30th year anniversary of living in Taiwan. Not a big holiday fan do to the synthetic nature of holidays topped off by their usually being co-opted by commerce to pressure you into buying a lot of junk you don't need but are brainwashed into believing you must have. Like Mick Jagger sang in Satisfaction,"When I'm watchin' my tv and a man comes on and tells me how white my shirts can be." Actually this one wasn't so bad and even though traders have managed to hitch a big Black Friday wagon to the holiday the holiday itself is kind of nice-eat a nice meal with friends and family and think about reasons to be thankful for your existence on Planet Earth. I was actually invited by some Taiwanese friends to come and share a meal with them that had turkey but also Szchuan Dan Dan noodles. I served as the Thanksgiving expert due to my US citizenship and life there.

So I told the basic tale of the Pilgrims and Puritans and the friendly Indians that taught hem how to survive.Didn't want to throw a wet blanket on dinner and mention how the Europeans probably infected them with some nasty germs they had no antibodies for and probably killed off many of them until the rest did develop antibodies. Here's another song lyric from the Handsome Family that had some short-lived success doing the theme song for True Detective season 1; from Weightless Again,"Those poor lost Indians when the white man found them most died of TB, the rest went insane". Thanksgiving's vibe is very similar to the Chinese New Year's eve or圍爐 which literally means gathering oven-side to enjoy a meal together. Now to deal with Christmas, New Years and Chinese New year late this year due to the Lunar Calendar they follow which had 2 Lunar July's this year...I know it hurts your brain to think about it...

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Stay in Your Lane/Bust Out of Your Lane

September 28th, 2017

Lately I've become more and more captivated by MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). As much as I used to enjoy boxing I got bored with it after a while. MMA is so intense and their events range between 3 five minute rounds or 5 five minute rounds for championship events. The key thing that I get out of all this for my life since I'm too old and out of shape to engage in this kind of sport is the mental toughness and conditioning it requires to discipline your body to compete and remain in the match since you are getting twisted and pummeled in some very damaging ways. This is particularly helpful to me being an entrepreneur that has to develop my own products and find customers to survive. Life is full of challenges and beat downs which can discourage you and make you feel like giving up or just existing. I believe God shows us that the only person that can beat you and get you out of the race is yourself. My wise Nana often told me, "Mark in this life you are either your own best friend or your own worst enemy-you choose!" In the iconic American pastime:baseball you are a stud if you get 1 hit out of 3 at bats. You will quite likely end up in the Hall of Fame if you meet that criteria. Art Williams of A.L. Williams fame used to say,"a big shot is just a little shot that kept on shooting." Lately have been working hard on a new product for smart phones a phone grip skin...I'm determined to keep fighting and it starts with kicking myself in the butt to motivate myself so when life kicks me it won't hurt as much. Ya feel me?

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