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…and Where it Stops Nobody Knows…

November 5th, 2018

I just saw a Tweet reminding me that Daylight savings time is upon us. It also mentioned how many feel some sadness at the change of the season. Maybe that was the reason or part of why I had a couple of days of heavy blue funk going on. A couple of days of rain and missed exercise least week didn't help either. It's amazing how much regular exercise increases serotonin levels and lifts your mood. This photo was taken on the first day after the 2 rainy days I mentioned. I made myself go out and take my camera with me. I decided that the walking and the street photography were just the medicine that Dr. Forman ordered. He was right!

I shoot much less these days. It seems when I do I am much more focused and predisposed to get a grouping of good shots. I still prefer to shoot with the DSLR and leave the phone in my pocket. I'm sure in my eclectic fashion that at some point I'll have the itch to shoot nothing but phone shots for a period but it hasn't happened recently so... This area flea market was quite bustling. The other day I told some local friends one of the things I like most about Asia are it's markets. So alive and chaotic very much like life itself. It is the wildly beating heart of the town or the city it is in.

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Could be Worse!

August 26th, 2017

Went with my wife to closest large wet (traditional) market in ShuiNan. Actually, had been there just last week for first time in a while. I thought I'd practice my close-up from lower angle work. Always like that perspective. Have been processing while listening to some great music-Live Hendrix, some classic reggae-Could be Worse as the title says.

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I’m the King of the World Yo!

June 9th, 2015

Holy blow the smoke out of the cobwebs Batman! It's been a while since I posted here. Yeah the usual distractions-real life, other social media blog killing sites, etc. How have you all been. I have been spending a lot of time going through my archives. Talking about blowing off the cobwebs. This is from 2011 one of my most prolific years-was shooting pretty much every weekday morning after dropping son off for the bus. What I'm enjoying and feel worthy of mention is that three are many decent images that are getting enhanced TLC from me due to my improved photo ninja post-processing skills. Do you agree?

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Rubick’s Cubed

April 27th, 2015

Some days you and the camera are one. Something closely approximating that in any case. It's hard to explain but when you're in that zone it's a lot of fun and kind of effortless. Other times the camera seems to way a million pounds and is enjoying your misery and inability to come up with anything substantive. I guess this is true of any creative process. This day was a good one and numerous images from this session pleased me. I also put one of my favorite manual lenses back on-Pentax Super Takumar 55 1.8 from the good old film days. This is in the IZhong area of Taichung which is one of the main areas for young people, fashionistas, and hipsters to congregate.

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So Wasup

April 12th, 2015

I know it's been a while since I've posted here, ranted in your ear, hopefully stimulated you through an image or some words and some music, etc. been busy with work which has been a lot of new product design for others and also for myself. Have a look at this on new IPhone grip system I'm getting ready to introduce. My photos are getting more and more experimental(or not). Basically I'm focusing more and more on shooting whatever impression I had at the moment. Less focused on what image or types of images will get likes or pluses on social media sites. Pretty liberating actually. It always fascinates me when I see scenes like this one happening in a more open space (flea market in this case). Maybe it's the puritan westerner in me or whatever. I dig it totally when this reality challenges what I find acceptable or correct. I mean culture is a filter after all. All of us have our conservation/reactionary thinking which we only become aware of when something happens out of our pre-conceived definition of normal.

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