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  • Where are We Going Today

    We take a 20 song deep dive musical journey with White in the Moon the Long Road Lies poem by Houseman along the way. Soundgarden/Smashing Pumpkins/Jane's Addiction/Alice in Chains/Stone Temple […]

  • Blues Journey

    Deep diving some blues from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. Folk acoustic to electric. Read a poem by Sterling A. Brown: Riverbank Blues. 20 songs

  • Healing Force

    Music inspired by and influenced by Charles Mingus. Focusing on Dob Pullen-Mingus piano player. George Adams and Don Pullen also formed some groups and that music is featured here as […]

  • More Bounce to the Ounce

    Deep dive into some of the best of funk. What is funk/ What makes it funky/ Listen and find out with PFunk, James Brown, Cymande, Zapp, Ohio , Brothers Johns, […]

  • New Rock: June ’21 Pt.2

    New Rock Show with Mark and Rich New Candys/The Bronx/Poppy/Trivium/The Glorious Sons/As I Lay Dying/The Skinner Brothers/Cleopatrick/Tome Morello Check out Rich's Access Indie Show here! Rich's e-mail For any mental wellness questions.

“A pessimist is one who makes DIFFICULTIES of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes OPPORTUNITIES of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman

“A Bluesman? From Long Island?” -Willie Brown

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