Who We Are

May 12th, 2020
by Mark Forman

Bbluesman DigiMedia 筆力數位媒體

SWe are involved in various forms of media: photography, audio and video podcasts primarily. Back in the early days of podcasting (2006) we started with Getting a Leg Up, Mindfield, Free Culture, and A.Connector. In the meantime I developed my photography which had always appealed to me from the time of my youth in NYC. Then I’d say I recorded far more with my eyes and off camera with limited use of Polaroid and 110 film cameras. Since then more use of DSLR cameras and developing more street photography focus here in Taiwan, Asia and whereever I traveled with camera. Now I’m focusing (pun intended) on IPhone only photography for the challenge of making the phone form submit to my will and function as a camera. It’s very convenient and a great challenge/tool. I also got back into podcasting and resuscitated my A.Connector podcast where I interview interesting culturally oriented people of photography, music, film and life in general. If you’d like to introduce an interesting guest to me or feel you are one please contact me here or @bbluesman