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May 11th, 2020
by Mark Forman

Webinar Services

We offer complete webinar services for online expo/trade show. Also online business meetings between vendors, distributors and customers/agents.Click button for more info 我們有做線上研討會代理展覽博覽會。也有線上代理國際會議。請按如下鍵有詳細資料

Shelter in Place WFH 居家避疫

Don’t go slack. Add value to your international business skill set with Mandarin Chinese, Chinese culture classes. Knowledge equals power in negotiation and understanding helps  communication and narrows the cultural divide.別放太鬆.透過我們英語和西方文化教學就能夠加強你的國際交通功能.智慧等於力量.約明白你約有技巧.


Online Study Benefits 線上教學優點

Safe 安全

Regardless of Corvid pandemic or other environmental/health concerns studying online allows you to participate and learn in your most comfortable 💁 🙋 and safest space which you choose. Also eliminating the need to travel avoids risk occurring from commuting to class and relieves the stress of the commute.線上教學讓您防疫留在自己舒適又安全空間.不用出門打車.避免那些壓力.保留輕鬆學習的心.

Economic 經濟

Online Classes are reasonably priced 🏧 and when you factor in no need to commute you also have additional savings of commute expenses like transportation and eating outside, etc. The instructor also doesn’t commute and those expenses are not added into the tuition.線上的課合理收費.加上免跑免車費免外面吃越來越深. 老師一樣所以不向您算成本.

Convenient 便利

It doesn’t get any more convenient when you choose the time and attend via computer or smart phone. Oh and want to have your favorite beverage 🍵 🍹 🍺? Why not-local drinking age applies…Wear comfortable clothes (or not 👖) and go to class without going anywhere.Well your mind will go forward with the knowledge 😎.最便利就是你自選上課時和透過筆電或手機上.要帶你最愛的飲料🥤來上沒問題,穿簡單一點也OK的.

No Commute 免跑

Unless you count walking 🚶from Point A (couch, bed or?) to laptop 💻 or phone 📱location. In your comfortable gamer chair? Don’t need to rush to get dressed and can give the Uber guy 🚗 a break while you receive more education/training at home.不用趕時間免出門.輕輕鬆鬆坐好再上線.這樣就搞定了!

EduBiz Services 服務項目

For Business People: 1) Survival Mandarin Chinese for Business, 2) Chinese Culture for Business, 3) Real Time Interpretation Consulting-Mandarin to English

For Students: 1) Survival Basic Mandarin Conversation, 2) Introduction to Chinese Culture

Online Classes-Group or Individual.Set Classes or customized to your group’s needs both available. Currently developing Art:; Music appreciation classes for Jazz and Progressive Rock.

Perfect for businesses, trade organizations,  students, student groups, religious organizations,social clubs, etc.! From 1 to 1 up to 100 people webinar.

We can serve as guest speaker or host on a variety of topics/themes.


線上美語教學:一對一小班級中班及都有。公司,同學,社團。便利,安全,生活化,上課時間很有彈性。提供英文教學福利給會友和員工.面對面也有! 可以協商.

我們可以調整課程配合你們的目標或興趣。Mark老師👨🏼‍🏫是臺灣通-至少台中通🤓   .需要發票我們可以提供.


English Studies /Chinese Students 華人同學

Bio 背景

I’ve lived in Taiwan doing export production and related business and services for around 30 years now. My Mandarin Chinese is fluent and I originally studied it at the U of A (Arizona). My experience in business culture here is equally rich and insightful. I started the American Chamber of Commerce in Taichung, Taiwan in 1993 to help provide a forum for local and international businessmen have cross-cultural business and friendship opportunities.

Recently I have been doing more business consulting which includes training and teaching.

I am an avid 📸 photographer, 🎧 music lover (ran Environ in NYC), 📽 film lover, and 🎸guitar player. and was one of the earliest 🎙 podcasters (Getting a Leg Up, Free Culture) in Taiwan and Asia starting in 2006. I am still doing the A.Connector podcast and  video media programs too.






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