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Brooklyn Bluesman Music Cast

May 3rd, 2021

Ok so I talk about my handle @BBluesman which is short for... C'mon the title gave it away! 😀 I talk about the origin of that in the show. Focusing on some blues, blues from Brooklyn and Brooklyn people making music in this show.

Ain't Got Nobody-Hound Dog Taylor

Boogie Chillen-John Lee Hooker

Bless Those-Living Colour (Cory:singer and Vernon: Guitarist both from Brooklyn)

Po Black Maddie/Skinny Woman-North Mississippi All Stars

Black Cat Moan-Beck, Bogart and Appice (Carmine Appice from Brooklyn)

Sad But True-Metallica Tribute (Bruce Kulick: guitarist from Brooklyn)

Non-Alignment Pack-Pere Ubu (Tony Maimone: bass player from Brooklyn)

Super Stupid-Funkadelic (Eddie Hazel:guitarist from Brooklyn)

Slide Rule-Harriet Tubman (Melvin Gibbs:bass player from Brooklyn)

Jazz Thing-Gang Starr (Guru-rapper from Brooklyn)

Home is Where The Hatred Is-Gil Scott Heron (Brian Jackson:piano player/arranger from Brooklyn)

Always on the Run-Lenny Kravitz( Lenny is from Brooklyn)

Feel free to tape comments questions on Spotify and send in. Contact

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Herb Ellis Guitar Music Cast

May 3rd, 2021

Time for one of my favorite guitarists with a killer resume. he played with all the greats. Check out his Wiki. Was privileged to see him live with Barney Kessel at small bar in NYC.

Great Guitars: H&B Boogie

Conversations in Swing Guitar-Jivin in Rhythm

Guitar of John Gray-You Stepped Out of a Dream

Great Guitars- O Barquinho

Two For the Road-Love For Sale

7 Come Eleven

It Don’t Mean a Thing-Broadway

Milestones of Jazz Legends-Tin Roof Blues

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New: A.Connector Music Blast Cast

May 3rd, 2021

Progging My Fusion

These musicians and songs were representative of some of the early musical influences that provided me with much joy and influenced my listening and playing habits. Miles Davis had a great impact on most of the musicians and music in this list, but also some great British prog/fusion players too. Here is my Song list: 

801:801 Live-Miss Shapiro

Miles Davis: On The Corner-Black Satin

Jeff Beck:Beck Hammer-Freeway Jam

Weather Report-Cucumber Slumber

Tony Williams New Lifetime: Snake Oil

Brand X -Disco Suicide

Gong Expresso II-Heavy Tune


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What’s The Word?

April 13th, 2021

So I've been on an extended break here at this site...but not in life. Been very busy with multiple New Years and other assorted holidays. Podcast is still moving along with new part-time co-host Stephen Liu (due to EMBA program) and continuing to have fun with A.Connector +100 especially foraying into new tech, clean energy, Taiwan participation in these sectors, photography and the rest of life! Will do another solo A.Connector after I finish this post. You can find out more details about what's been going on there.

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Zagging Instead of Zigging

January 28th, 2021

I know I've been kind fo quiet here and also on my A.Connector podcast.. I'm actually going back to my old Getting a Leg Up podcast roots and doing podcasts with music in them. i'll still do some interview based podcasts but just haven't been feeling it lately and a number of the people I was interested in getting on seemed all to vaporize... LOL. I guess many people not i "the media." feel awkward about being on video or audio for posterity's sake.

On the business front I have a new project I'm working on with a cool friend that has a lot of good business management background, seems pretty Zen-the all purpose #tag for someone that is kind of chill and centered, and very intelligent and easy to talk to. Have a Zoom meeting tomorrow,. We actually met for coffee the other day which was great. We live at different ends of town. So I suggested meeting virtually because it's time saving... Zoom is different when you don't have to do it but feel like it or recognize how it's nice when you are freely choosing to do so.

Here in Taiwan covid still pretty well contained although there has been a recent incident in Northern Taiwan. A friend of mine is almost done with his fourth go at quarantining-glad to let him have that record.

Glad that the political news in the US a little duller these days-I'm sure that is killing MSM and they're trying their hardest to come up with other riveting news to keep their money making machine going. Wall Street got kind of interesting with short squeeze story and major tremor in the markets yesterday.

Stay tuned for new podcast release probably tomorrow and new business project development as I have noteworthy info to report.

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