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3 Blue Noters

A Blue Note Records tribute with 3 of their stars: Sonny Clark-piano, Johnny Griffin-Tenor Sax and Grant Green-guitar. Blue Note had some of the best musicians and music ever of mid to late 20th century jazz. Heroin/opiate abuse hotline https://open.spotify.com/episode/2PRsWLNfr6Jy5J7O378lS8

New Rock: 4th of Julyish

Rich came came prepared but so did some Ghost in the Machine. I rebooted and did this one solo. Rich will be back for the next one. Make sure to catch his show:Check out Rich's Access Indie Show here! Rich's e-mail For any mental wellness questions. Ramones-Rockaway Beach/Hearts Apart-I’m So…

Where are We Going Today

We take a 20 song deep dive musical journey with White in the Moon the Long Road Lies poem by Houseman along the way. Soundgarden/Smashing Pumpkins/Jane's Addiction/Alice in Chains/Stone Temple Pilots/King's X/Funkadelic/Pantera/Ministry/The Specials/The Ruts/The Only Ones/The Cure/Radiohead/Mark Lanegan/iggy Pop/David Bowie/Public Enemy/Beastie Boys/Pigeonhed https://open.spotify.com/episode/2Fmvi3b7YIaDUE4HIF9lD7

Blues Journey

Deep diving some blues from Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and Texas. Folk acoustic to electric. Read a poem by Sterling A. Brown: Riverbank Blues. 20 songs https://open.spotify.com/episode/6yCQmFSf6L4LcmsATnxm0W

Healing Force

Music inspired by and influenced by Charles Mingus. Focusing on Dob Pullen-Mingus piano player. George Adams and Don Pullen also formed some groups and that music is featured here as is some of Mingus work which includes Pullen, Adams and Danny Richmond ,long time drummer of his. 2 Charles Bukowski…