Artist Representation/Licensed Product Design/Production

Bounce is Taiwan’s coolest street/Cyberpunk artist; mastering graffiti and offering a perfect fit for pairing with music artists/related products(swag); street fashion:sneakers t-shirts, hats, hoodies, jackets, bags; book covers/e-game characters, e-sport leagues/teams, manga/comics, snack food packaging, etc. . He has done co-op’s with major brands including: Disney, Nike, Casio, Kipling,etc. Contact us for information on incorporating existing Bounce designed characters or commissioning new ones perfectly tailored to your brand. Bounce’s designs have been used on the following products and venues/ Vinyl Art Toys/Apparel-Accessories/Skateboards/Original graff/paintings/Limited Edition Prints, displays, Live graffiti event appearances. See portfolio below👇‍

Sk8board Bunny


Bounce 2021 Limited Edition Prints

Sk8board Rabbit

Bounce Man Q Vinyl Art Toy

Flat Bill Caps



Bounce Man Baseball Jacket

Leather Bunny Bag