A.Connector Ethos

Motivational Speaking

Mark has much public motivational speaking experience: schools, business organizations, social organizations, etc. Contact us and find out how Mark can come and bring the A.Connnector uplift to your company or organization's event as Keynote speaker. We'll help promote your  vision and goals for staff, members, employees, students, etc. in a compelling effective way. Mark demonstrates through energetic inspired speaking how life is all about recognizing the connections, making and sharing them.

The A.Connector ethos is sharing practical ideas and energy through real life examples to help the listener find motivation and help they need. This is effective for all walks of life: career, education social interaction. Many say, "Hey Mark I love your message but I'm not a salesman or a coach." Really? Yes! Sales is about 1) analyzing the problem/need and determining what your prospective customer (friend/colleague/classmate) needs, 2) focusing on the need, 3) providing the correct solution. In other words good sales is problem solving! Hey wait, isn't that the key to life? Yes, without a doubt!

Many others say "You're a good coach- you're enthusiastic, focused, and motivated but I'm not like that." I often feel like saying, "I know and that's too bad... I don't of course because that would be reinforcing erroneous thinking. Lack of confidence doesn't serve anyone. Instead I ask some questions to help the listener examine his memories and experiences aiding them to see many examples of them acting as a coach, naturally and successfully. Done at the proper time and showing how to solve their problem.

We offer speaking, question and answer sessions, and meet and greet packages. Contact us with your desired dates and we will confirm scheduling and fees with you.

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Internal 內在

Connection 連接

First connection with your thoughts-revelation-inspiration 心理明白讓您有意象和啟發


You Connecting with Someone人跟人連接

Interacting with like minded people enabling other ideas to spring forth 與好相處的人互動會造成創意的思想 

P2C 你本人對周邊問話

You Connecting with Culture 與文化聯繫

Culture inspired creative ideas/thoughts 文化激發創意和思想


You Connecting with the World at Large

Interacting with the world around you  跟世界互動

Digital Media Production數位媒體製作

We have experience doing hundreds of podcasts such as: Getting a Leg Up, Free Culture, All Noted, A.Connector, and Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom. We can produce your podcast, video podcast or other digital media for you on time and within budget! We can help you take your idea and bring it to completion as audio, visual or audio-visual media!

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