Same As it Ever Was

Talking Heads was without a doubt my favorite band back in college days at a time when there were an abundance fo great bands. They collaborated with Brian Eno as a group and David Byrne did as a solo project. Devo and John Cale both worked with Eno. Rant  a little on some current thoughts on the bitcoin debacle and mention some future collaboration with my buddy Rich Palmer of Audio Gumshoe podcast fame-now embarking on new audio production/voice over/voice acting business.

Devo-Gut Feeling

David Byrne/Brian Eno-My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Talking Heads-Don't Worry About the Gov't

Talking Heads-The Big Country

Talking Heads-Cities

VCrosseyed and Painless

Talking Heads-Burning Down the House

Talking Heads-Wild, Wild Life

Talking Heads-Warning Sign-Live

Television-Marquee Moon



Patti Smith-Redondo Beach

John Cale-Fear

John Cale-Pablo Picasso

Lou Reed-Satellite of Love

Lou Reed-Rock and Roll

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