The More Things Change…

May 18th, 2021
by Mark Forman

Ok so here we are about a year and change after Covid 19 started and Taiwan who had done really well since the onset is now getting a spike of cases. well a number that is alarming by local standards about 500 people in the last 3 days. One of my neighbors-a local man looked at me and said,"aren't you afraid of what's going on here?' I answered him saying,"nah it;s still pretty good compared to many other places. Besides, I feel the reason the government is finding a higher number of cases is like when you turn on the light at night and finding more cockroaches. If you don't turn on the light you don't see them and assume you don't have any..." He smiled at me and said,"Ahh you understand how government's work."

I think much data and even science is over-rated and anecdotal at best. So that leaves common sense as a rule of thumb. In Taiwan and Asia people are already more conditioned and accepting of wearing masks. So we never really got away from that. Now with current state of heightened alert just wear them more often, go out less and maybe take public transit less to be safe. The stock market took a hit with FUD produced by this kind of situation and is to be expected. It will rebound in a day or 2 particularly if the new incidences start to taper off.

Meanwhile I'm working hard on developing some new clients for local market representation, music podcasting and playing my guitar more than ever and enjoying all of those efforts. Hope you're well and staying safe where you are.

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