A.Connector: Charles Blass

Today's podcast guest: Charles Blass is quite an interesting character. I originally met him thorough Melvin Gibbs on Twitter. This was back in the early days of twitter when you could see your "friends" friends in their stream and respond to conversations and meet new people. Charles was producing several musical projects at the time-new recordings in fact with Melvin Gibbs, The Burnt Sugar Orchestra, Socialybrium and others. He has been doing the Audio Gumbo Radio Show for a long time and does Sun Radio.

Charles and I talked for quite a while on many of his musical and cultural experiences (including Sun Ra, PFunk, Jef Lee Johnson, Jimi Hendrix) and contributions. Melvin Gibbs kindly provided permission to include the inclusion of music from Socialybrium: a special project between him, J T Lewis, Blackbyrd McKnight and the late legend: Bernie Worrell from PFunk, &Talking Heads fame.

Charles is currently involved in the Cicolab Project.

A.Connector Podcast w Charles Blass

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