Across the Universe

Here it is in Taiwan already Tuesday night but in the US just Tue morning. The last of the voting is going on. So many mixed feelings for so many. Stress, anxiety, fear, disgust, relief and mixed bowl of emotions, hopes and expectations. I've been trying not to think about all of this too much but I can't completely forget about it. I'll never forget where I'm from. part of my heart will always be there even though my body isn't.

"Across The Universe"
("Let It Be" Version)

Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup
They slither while they pass, they slip away across the universe
Pools of sorrow waves of joy are drifting through my opened mind
Possessing and caressing me

Jai guru deva om
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world
Nothing's gonna change my world

The Beatles

Choose wisely America. Find a way to peace and decency with each other. Learn to disagree agreeably again. Don't let the spies lies blind your eyes...or social media manipulate you into a frenzy. Learn to converse and laugh again. It's medicine for your troubled soul dear countrymen.

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“A pessimist is one who makes DIFFICULTIES of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes OPPORTUNITIES of his difficulties.” – Harry S. Truman

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