Taipei Gotham’s Dark Knights

I went to Taipei-Taiwan's capital and main city for the Double 10-National Holiday last weekend. One of the things i noticed was an inordinate amount of boys and guys wearing batman t-shirts (fortunately none of them in full batman costumes). I commented on this and my son responded with, "Batman is the only superhero with no super power just a rich man." That is true but I countered with the vigilante element that probably appeals to some men's darker macho side that they can take power into their own hands and stand out by doing so...

Since returning to my less crowded and somewhat sunnier Taichung in central Taiwan I further thought about my impressions from this Taipei trip. Since I'm from the actual model for Gotham City-New York City my mind was flooded with thoughts about it and other east coast cities like Boston or Philly. I realized all older east coast cities are 1) older, 2) receive much rain, 3) tend to be dark and grimy. Taipei kind of fits in with these cities and these attributes. Not saying good or bad just my observations and version of the facts. I do enjoy the dark grimy thing and even the crowding upon occasion. There are definitely different backgrounds and resulting photographic moods.

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