It Was a Glitch

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The other day I had a great conversation for a podcast with a new friend. His name is Jon and he's a very interesting guy. He actually directed a movie shot on a very tight budget the result was quite good. He got way more movie than what he paid for: good story line, etc. We talked about films like Blade Runner, old (Scott) and new (Villeneuve), Sicario, Arrival, the Dark Knight movies, etc. We talked beyond the allotted podcast which was all very enjoyable.

My recording software for audio podcasts starts automatically by start up of a Skype call. I recently added the new MS Edge browser which so far I'm liking. It has a Skype module in it which I used this time...Well lo and behold the recorder didn't activate with the browser Skype module. Technology is such a cruel beast when it doesn't do what you expect it to. Here is Jon's movie: ALGORITHM I'll have another session with Jon which will be recorded and released with some exciting news in it. I'll let ya know!

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