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So much has been going on lately. Yes the Covid blase blah blahs have hit everyone., In my life definitely closer to home than I would have hoped or expected. I had 2 trips back to the US this year-one for my Mom's 80th birthday and 1 for taking of some family matters. During the 2nd trip Covid had really whipped up some mess in the US and particularly Phoenix area where I needed to go. Upon returning to Taiwan I had to go into quarantine for 14 days.. The actual staying at home not such a big deal since much of my life is doing that(biz and personal) it's just the psychological factor that you can't leave if you want to. In fact I had 2 instances where the local police came to check up on me because I had accidentally switched my phone into Airplane Mode which breaks the IP address they track to make sure I'm honoring quarantine...yeah really. That being said the Taiwan government gave me a care package at the beginning with some goodies and I can also get a small relief check from them for cooperating with quarantine.

Towards the end of quarantine I decided to plan a trip with my wife around Taiwan. Going up and across to the east coast then down and back up the west coast. The timing was ideal because the school break was ending and Ghost Month(the Lunar 7th Month when the spirits of the ancestors get a little antsy) was starting which means the roads should be fairly empty and all the nice destinations empty as well. They were and we had a nice relaxing vacation with lots of pictures along the way.

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