A.Connector isΒ  Mark Forman and guests talking about life experience in US, Taiwan and Asia: business, culture: music, movies, Netflix/tv, social media, life, etc. You can find the podcast on these apps-enjoy! We welcome your feedback/questions πŸ™‚ .

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No not the KFC guy! My guest is Lt. Col. Retired Dan Mosqueda. I’ve know Dan for a while via OG Twitter days (06/07). We always maintained contact but this is our first time chatting at length. Wow-does he have a bunch of interesting bg stories to share. He talks about how he became a car geek, which led to his podcast Live and Let Diecast an off shoot of his love for cars and Xbox car games, Dan also discusses military career, involvement in ICBM, Open Skies Agreement and current career as Sr. Director of Business Development for Leidos a R&D technology company is aerospace, defense, medical and other fields. #business #gaming #aerospace #tech #cars

Solo show trying out the new gear: Dynamic Mic and Mixer. Mention future upcoming guests; Col. Dan on next one probably. Apologies on audio quality on last show with Jack. great show…we’ll get him back again with better sound. The rest is the SMH OMG stuff of what is going on in the world around us-#BLM #GeorgeFloyd Protests, POTUS reactions/decisions,etc. How much it seems to mirror XiJinPing in Hong Kong??? Surreality factor. Thanks to Brian for technical support. Chinese/English Webinar Hosting, Trade Consulting

Jack is an author and podcaster friend of mine from back in the day (2005ish) of the original wave of podcasting. He hosted a podcast called Deadpan and wrote a novel: Spherical Tomi which did well as a podcast audiobook on Podiobooks. Lately he’s been involved in a new graphic comic novel project inspired by the metal song : Am I Evil, written and performed by Diamond Head and popularized by Metallica. We also touch on the protests/riots/looting going on in the US as a partial response to the death of George Floyd and many other black people that died while briefly in police custody, and also likely due to economic and health crises caused by Covid 19 impact upon the US.

What’s New Pussycat-OK has nothing to do with show but a great song title from my youth. Talk about Covid, Toastmasters , New Bbluesman DigiMedia Life in general and DigiMedia reality in our lives via online meetings/education,etc.

Yeah I know, you’re expecting some kind of Christmas commercial…this ain’t that! πŸ˜€ Do talk about some stuff with more significance, Recent China trade stuff, supply chain project, Vietnam export activity. #business #culture #asia #lifestyle

Cover a few different topics-from cultural food memories to comments on some kung fu documentaries to the Irishman. China biz at conclusion on the ver shifting/not-shifting China/US relationship.

Talk about current issues in Asian international business/supply chain. Chin, Vietnam, etc. HK situation some cultural observations and memories. Mention due diligence and quality audits both of which I do in my business at Marlin & Sons #asianbusiness #tradeissues #china #vietnam #hk #korea

Talk about starting my business doing QC for famous musical instrument company. Some cultural insights-discovering local cuisine.

This episode talks about my first experiences in factories-learning how to expedite and deal with hundreds of products that need to be made and shipped with primitive computer tracking system. Pre-personal computers, pre-cell phones, forget about smart phones. Yes like the Flinstones! πŸ˜€ Anyway talk about my early factory experience and Taiwan life that was happening simultaneously. My factory supply chain roots if you will.

A.Connector is hosted by Mark Forman. Mark is a true “A.Connector” one of his super powers. πŸ™‚ Asian supply chain professional from the US but living in Asia for around 30 years. Shares cultural and business insights from rich experience living and doing business in Asia. Sponsored by BigIn.Asia Twitter