Pours One Out For…

Sad to say but DaoHsiao (DaoXiao) Noodles are no more! Have they disappeared? No. But the essence of what made them great and special have!

First some background-this dish originated in legendary Chinese noodle Ground Zero in Shanxi, China. The cook would prepare a a loaf of dough and then quickly slice the raw noodles into a big wok of boiling water. The unevenly sliced noodle thickness provide a real chewy texture which the Taiwanese call "Q" because the Taiwanese word for chewy sounds very close to the English letter "Q".

So what happened you are probably wondering by this point. Well "progress" which in this case are these cutesy looking noodle chef robot slicers. So now instead of a pair of skilled hands holding and slicing the dough into those wonderful unevenly thick strips of noodle goodness they are done by the machine, which is very consistent and removes the textural component of the noodle eating experience. Complete buzzkill. So now why bother?

Thankfully we still have MienGeDa! These are sometimes called dumpling nots in English. Picture a couple of shuijiao: dumpling skins kind of smushed together or formed by hands and dropped in the boiling water for a wonderful spaetzle on steroids result(sorta kinda). I know I'm going through all kinds of cultural morphing here. If you're a noodle lover and love the chew (Q) believe me you need to try these.

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