Gorillas in the Mist

Just got the new podcast up a day or so ago. It felt good to sit down and bang it out. I've been in touch with some of my early podcasting day friends and they've indicated they'd be willing to guest on the show. The shows I hosted and produced were :getting a Leg Up, Free Culture, and A.Connector which has been given a reboot and is going again!So hopefully in the near future we'll get a little more banter with more than just me. We all got started in the early days before Mass Media and radio caught on to the format. Nowadays podcasting is very ubiquitous which is good. I'm an eclectic guy so I think A.Connector allows for that. After all it's about people connecting and there are various points and people that can be connected with and over so don't touch that dial.

The photo is the last days of Venice, CA before the Covid wave hit the shores of the US and I returned to fairly Covid under control Taiwan.

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