520 is the heading for Taiwan President Tsai YingWen's 2nd inauguration. 520 sounds like the Chinese 我愛你 which means,"I Love You." Yeah original, I know. While a little smarmy not totally inappropriate I guess. Also in times of Covid some positive hyperbole is not so bad. Tsai is riding high on her government's "successful" handling of the Covid-19 Pandemic here in Taiwan and also in ramping up production of surgical masks and gifting them to many different places and governments around the world.

Those things are all relatively positive even though the early gifting of the masks diminished the supply locally causing Taiwanese residents to stand in long lines to get only a few masks per couple of weeks.That aside the government was very proactive and shifted into high gear from the get go, no doubt motivated by their experience with the first round of SARS back in the early "oughts." I think the 2 main factors in the successful "curve flattening" here in Taiwan are 1) Former Vice President(as of today),  Dr. Chen Chien-jen and the peopel of Taiwan choosing to cooperate with government requests to wear masks, submit to temperature taking, increased hand washing and isolation wherever possible. Former VP Chen is an epidemiologist and former head of the Dept. of Health in Taiwan.

My warm and hopeful wishes that President Tsai, new VP Dr. William Lai and the rest of the gov't will make some more powerful strides for local matters as well as international diplomatic ones.

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