I've had much going on in my life these last few days: business, personal, social, community, etc. The post heading "Vanished" refers to an event that occurred last weekend. I was sleeping and was awakened by my wife telling me that I needed to get ready to vacate because she thought there was a fire in our complex. In fact there was, we were never in imminent danger but our neighbor's place was gutted and her immediate neighbors were all impacted by the fire, smoke and heat.

It seemed the reason for the blaze was an electrical fire in her house. If she was at home more than likely she could have put out the sparks or small fire and called for help...Unfortunately she wasn't home so the fire just had free reign to develop and consume her home and possessions.. I was so grateful to the first respondents: the firemen in this case. It was really easy to empathize-be grateful it wasn't our house but also feel sad for this woman who is aged around 50 and now has no house and lost her lifetime accumulation of things. The contents of her house which is now charred and soggy debris is all in sacks down on the basketball court. Each time I see it it saddens me on her behalf. It is a reminder of the transience of our lives.

The neighborhood leader里長 (an elected position here in Taiwan) and volunteers really pitched in and helped clean up her house. I am truly touched by how the worked selflessly and beyond the call of duty. Sowhile I'm having mixed emotions over this I'm also thankful and hopeful that I'm here getting healthier through more and more exercise and starting a new online digital media education business.

I like what Paul Simon sang,

These are the days of miracle and wonder
This is the long distance call
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
The way we look to us all
The way we look to a distant constellation
That's dying in a corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder
And don't cry, baby, don't cry
Don't cry

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