Looking Back Over My Shoulder

My last post with Uncle Surfing Su video/documentary project reminded me how much I love finding out history or near history from a participant or observer. It has much more meaning to me than reading it in a book. That being said, I've always loved old phtos. Fascinating window into a time past/time lost. In fact old things become new again-if you never experienced them they are new to you and have a freshness/life force that can touch and inspire.  One of my friend's: Jason introduced to me by Brian-co-producer of Surfing Su project. Jason has many great Taiwanese cultural contacts and is digital culture guy for Taichung City Government.  This photo was shared from archives with me by new friend Liu MingCai-a fellow lover of photography. I did a little re-touching.

Something I've been enjoying a lot lately is new NIN-Ghosts V

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