Covid 19 or a Rose by any Other Name

So what the heck has been going on in my life you ask? I think I heard someone ask? Is it me for a moment-name that tune! 😀 Well recently went back to the US to visit Dear old Mom. This was in mid-February after Wuhan Covid 19 virus was already ramping up here in East Asia (I'm in Taiwan). Taiwan was extremely vigilant in promoting wearing of surgical grade masks, redundant hand washing and what the US is calling 'Social Distancing." To their credit the incidence of the virus has been relatively low when compared to China, Korea, Italy and now the US.

It was a nerve racking time getting ready for US trip-got a cold before going. My wife was a little nervous about whether there would be any issue getting through Taiwan immigration or US philosophy is play that all by ear. Truthfully, that kind of stuff you never know until you do! When From the train to get to the HSR (High Speed Rail-the bullet train system imported from Japan), then to the MRT to get me to the airport everyone was wearing a mask. In Taiwan this is common during cold season and all the time since there are air pollution issues and people with related allergies. So nobody bats an eye when they encounter this.  Also Taiwan endured and was impacted by SARS back in the early 2000's so they are especially sensitive and proactive about taking measures to mitigate any virus threats.

It was nice seeing my family and being back in my home country for a minute. It was just kind of disturbing a little bit to be reminded of the 'cowboy ethic" roots of US history and culture. It's truly a blessing and a curse. It inspires rugged individualism and the moxie to go for it...venture out and try to stake your claim. Unfortunately it also enables the attitude of being tougher than leather.  In this case it fostered a lot of "virus-I don't need no stinking virus" attitude to the then new and unrecorded Covid 19 virus on American shores. Kind of that's some distant Asian thing but we're here in America and that virus doesn't dare come near us. Sad to say it has. Not quite sure how this will all shake out.

Maybe this will be the undoing of Pres. Trump? It certainly brought on the recession and unraveling of the global marketplace as we knew it to be. How this will all change and who will remain standing is hard to say at this point. It seems the drunken orgy of doing limitless profitable business in China is over. Sobering I know...maybe now people will notice the real issues. Not all people become more democratic or reasonable while profiting. Some just use profits to ramp up control over others. This applies equally to everywhere. I don't think good and evil are as binary as we made them. I think the hero often has some dirt on his hands and maybe the villain not a completely black hat. Sometimes I think they're distorted mirror images of each other. Some food for thought.

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