STAR(ting) Over

Haven't gone out with DSLR camera in a while specifically to catch some street shots. Have thought about it-this years extremely rainy summer probably also a factor. I recently visited the eastern coast of Taiwan-Hualien. Didn't do much shooting to speak of and whatever I did do was with IPhone camera. Nothing wrong with that just not the same. The market in this series was a regular stop for me at least a few times a month when I was shooting several mornings a week. Hadn't been there in over a year and the crowded streets and alleys reminded me of that. Still made several trips back and forth up and down. This time was right before the big holiday later this week-Mid-Autumn Festival. Many vendors had moon cakes for sale, most people were buying meat and other goodies to barbecue with families and friends under the full Autumn moon.

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