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I recently decided to pivot on a new product I was developing. Originally I was planning to do a peel and stick grip skin for smart phones. So all the IPhone models and leading phones would have their own skin to fit the given model. I decided to move in a more general direction-casting my net wider if you will. The change I made was to more of a DIY variation. Now the product is several different sized peel and stick AirSilâ„¢ foam rubber strips and pads that come in 2 versions; 1 for phones, PDAs, etc., and 1 for hardware and tools. Here is some more info at my product site (still in process) that you can look at. I'll update on when it's live and ready for sale. I had some contact with a well established branded company in the DIY/Hardware space that requested samples so hopefully this is an indication I made a reasonable decision. Time will tell :).

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