WorldWide Photo Walk Taichung 2010

Female Colors


A Small Sip

This culminated a full day of photography for me. In the morning I was at the Taichung Aboriginal Cultural Fair where I met up with fellow walker from this event-David Reid. I went home and rested and took my son Kevin to the Sogo Dept. store where fellow photographers met to start the Scott Kelby WorldWide Photo Walk 2010 (7/24). This year over 1,000 sites with over 30,000 photographers(including our own Todd in Nantou). For a slide show of all my shots from the walk click here. To see all the shots from the group of the walk click here.

12 thoughts on “WorldWide Photo Walk Taichung 2010”

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  2. Love your photos from the Walk. Great images and it lets us know the world in which you live. When I get some of mine up on the net I'll give you a shout on Twitter so you can check them out. Good work...

  3. Great seeing you and your son! Looking forward to the next walk! Wufeng? Lugang? Jianguo MRKT Redux?

  4. Hey Todd-Wufeng still virgin territory for me.That was odd day. It was almost like a dream. Guess I was a little tired from having been going since the morning. Still good though and happy with images I got.

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  6. I've only been to Wufeng once. I went about a month or two ago thinking that the Lin Family Mansion had finished renovations and was open to the public. Unfortunately it wasn't. Anyways, might be a fun trip and it's smack in the middle between where you and I live.

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