Intangible Cultural Heritage

Aborigine vessel

Exhibit Hall


Dragon dancers


Model ship



Door deities


The Intangible Cultural Heritage exhibition is a Cross-Straits(of Taiwan) venture with museum quality pieces from both southern Fujian, China and Taiwan. I was really impressed by the beauty and quality of most of the exhibits on display. Many(in fact most) of the exhibits permitted photographs to be taken. The quality of the Taiwanese aboriginal pieces was some of the best I've ever seen and was much different than the typical stuff I have seen. This is the second exhibit I've attended at the Taichung Creative Culture Park (at the former Winery) and am pleasantly optimistic about future events. A docent told me there will be another exhibition coming to the Taichung Cultural Center on YingTsai by the Art Museum on 1/23/10. This will be museum pieces from Fujian. Jolly good Taichung on your pledge to be Taiwan's cultural city!

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