Thieves Market

The Taichung Thieves Market sounds so much more interesting than "Flea Market" connoting a hint of Ali Baba and his gang. That is the old name of this market from it's original location where it used to run in the middle of the night with buyers showing up with flashlights to see the goods. Now it's a daytime affair and more out in the open with much more legitimate merchandise. Wonder if the buyers are equally legitimate? Ahh, guess we'll save that for future posting.

Start your engines

Nothing beats a red car for coolness. God put this into the male DNA...

Memories framed

I was mainly interested in the old photos but quite a selection here.

Photo of photo

These photos were particularly interesting-the vendor lady of this stall tried to keep me from taking a picture but then...

Seal of approval

...her husband came to my photographic rescue saying,"by all means take a picture." He claimed these were his shots-nice work!

How about some pants

What fun would the sojourn be if I didn't find some nice glass to shoot the world through? Well I did and this is the first shot from the Cosina 35-70mm lens I got at the stall nest to this one. Was quite happy to find that at a great price too.

Well here it isĀ Samia Gamal-Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves

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