Taichung Jazz Festival 09


This year's festival had the inclusion of some blues, in the form of the Joey Gilmore band. Joey was teh winner of the 2006 International Blues Competition. Joey really livened things up and demonstrated that blues is very crowd friendly music and probably lends itself better to strangers than jazz does. Just sayin (and yes I love jazz).


Keying it

Bluesing it

A little back story-I got here early enough to get pretty good position right behind the official VIP/photographer/camera man area. Then right as show was about to begin a camera man came in setting up right in front of me-and of course ruining my view of the stage. I politely asked him(with a scowl on my face) if he'd be stationary or moving. He said he'd move around. 2 seconds later he said,  "Hey why don't you come in next to me for a better position?"

Here is Joey playing Born Under a Bad Sign

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