Win, Place and Show

Crowded plaza

This is a shot of the Old Taichung Winery walkway where many of the exhibit halls are. This was a holiday weekend (10/10 National Day) so many people were about here at the Taiwan Design Expo '09.


You can see from inside one of the exhibit halls what kind of crowds were there.

Alley way

This was from the back of the old facility where there are many unused buildings from the distillery production days. Lot's of great structures there.


Some of the outside of the old Winery which are now used as exhibit halls.


Care for a sail? One of the Taiwan RC toys on display. Get's me in the mood.


Stairway from back of the Winery. Found much interesting industrial decay stuff back there.

Light sculpture

This was a light sculpture from one of the design exhibits. Todd from The Daily Bubble Tea went with me on this day and has posts here and here. A good time was had by all and no designers or photographers were injured in making this blog.

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