Typhoon Morakot coming

Game face ready

The sky facing north east. Taiwan's typhoons (Morakot included) almost all come in from the south east and generally hit the east coast, southern and northern Taiwan pretty hard. The reason that Taichung and central Taiwan are spared to some extent is due to the height and proximity to the Central Mountain Range which blocks the brunt of the winds and some of the rains. Occasional some typhoons will spin over to the western side of Taiwan and come up the Taiwan Strait-when that happens Taichung gets its share of weather terror.

Blurred memory

Stirred but not shaken? Blurred shot-was camera sensing imminent typhoon and doing digital calisthenics?

Calm before the storm

Both of these plants were moved from rear balcony (where sky photo was taken) to front balcony which is enclosed. We had some leakage due to heavy rains with occasional wind gusts exploiting earthquake produced cracks. Wow we have a very active geologic place we live in.

While we're on the subject-Earth, Wind and Fire have produced so much great upbeat music-here is Shining Star one of their best. Enjoy.

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