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Yes, yet another change in name and theme for this site. Mostly cosmetic-we have been committed to producing, pointing to, digesting and regurgitating art in all of it's forms for a long time.  So our mission(song) remains the same.

Black orchid Orchid power-these flowers are very fussy and difficult to grow. I call this one "Black Orchid" do to the dark toned process. There is an air of mystery..moodiness. Do you have a black orchid hiding in the shadows of your life some where? Are you waiting for one?

Twofer... Setting up beside the road-this man sells his wares. Maybe you stop and buy from him, maybe you don't give him a second glance as you pass him by. One foot, on motorcycle, on bike. If you stop he is ready to serve. Fruits or vegetables-what you buy from him today will be part of you tomorrow and ever after.

Anyone see the bridge? Bridges-devices linking to seperate places together. A channel, lifeline, road, doorway, link. This one red-the color of fire, of blood, vitality...

...and a 2... Preaching to the choir-redundancy. They're already on the team, fired up, motivated wanting to go. Engines are ready, like a racehorse wanting out of the gate. Let 'em go! Blue is the color of water-quenches the fire. Brings refreshing and a moment to ponder...

OK so let's go with red-big surprise huh?This band and album/song changed my life,hope it touches yours.

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