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Looking out from my window

What am I seeing,hearing thinking right now? Well kind of excited to be involved in Worldwide Photo Walk project. Leading the walk here in Taichung, Taiwan. First time event is being represented in Taichung or Taiwan. There is another walk in Taipei being hosted by Craig of CF Images. Please contact either one of us if our location and event offer interest to you. Listening to some incredibly vital and inspiring music while I type this: David Murray-Gwotet. If you like music that makes you want to bounce and fall down and roll around all at the same time with waves of hot saxophones and Afro-beat rhythms-this is what the doctor ordered!

Praying hands When I see this image it hits me on 2 levels-the spiritual and lofty and the more mundane humorous-Praying Hands is  the title I chose for obvious reasons but the moment I did my mind went to Devo's zany "Praying Hands" song. Lord help me/us! In any case I think a person communing with their faith and deity is a precious thing and force.

Sandman seen Sleeping it off. We've all had moments where we were overwhelmed by circumstances or substances. This fellow chose the safety of this park bench to deal with his situation. All around him the sun was rising, people were exercising, doing TaiChi, selling vegetables, but he just "slept." May we all have the sleep of this man when it is needed.

Lily pond dreams I've walked by this spot in the nearby JiuShe Park a zillion times. This morning this spot cried out to me. The magic of the moment-I saw this spot like never before, especially the lovely bend to the manmade creek with all the pretty flowers gathering to greet me.

Dance water dance! All this red goodness is the gravy on this cute little girl's casual abandon surrendering to the joy of playing with founts of cool,wet water on a  hot early Summer day. Is there anything better? Where are your founts of cool water to refresh? Find them soon and relax for a minute. Listen to some nice music and take a journey-you'll appreciate the exercise. 😀


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