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I feel mysterious today

Sometimes when I'm shooting photographs I feel elated by the element of discovery some magic bright moment captured on film memory chip for digital posterity's sake. However, when in the edit mode where everything is within the computer, a little tiny world primarily under my control I feel a sense of mystery in the editing process. There are many more choices here. This isn't like driving a car-straight, left, right. The levels and sliders of the software controls allow a much deeper range of micro-adjustment. Sometimes the results are great sometimes less so. Musical inspiration for this post is Wire-I Feel Mysterious Today.ZZZzzzing...ouT! When this old woman was observed in this position I knew I had a great shot. The response on flickr was great right off. I knew my only task in post-edit was to portray her essence. A moment of fatigue in the course of her day as early-rising vegetable vendor. Some people ask me if I feel funny or wrong about taking people's pictures. My response is no because I know I'll try to present them in a way that their beauty can be observed. Everyone has that beauty, an artist should try to present that.

7th Inning already? The wonder and magic of people. A gesture a look a reflex captured at just the right time or hopefully in right way. The animus of people is quite fascinating. Movement provided by the breath of God...

Time to eat... Making the mundane things like taking a lunch break at a noodle stand into an image that is archived and shared electronically over the digital grid for some to smile, gasp, shake their heads, nod in approval, deride....

Another Red World People from the Red World should never be taken lightly! It seems like one of my missions living in Taiwan with camera in hand is to capture all the red energy emitted here. Random thought-my name Mark is derived from Mars the god of war, the namesake of the planet. Anyway, red doesn't scare me...


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