Redzone:Abstract Revolution

Received by Justin a friend from SL. I've played musi of theirs before on GLU-worth checking out folks.

REDZONE are releasing their 3RD album, ABSTRACT REVOLUTION, on 20th JUNE. HANDCRAFTED SAMPLES created from ORIGINAL MATERIAL performed on REAL INSTRUMENTS bridge the gap between electronic and concrète genres. HEAVILY processed ethereal FEMALE VOCALS, rock beats and HIPHOP drums integrate with TEXTURAL SWIRLS of ELECTRIC violin, DOUBLE BASS and ebow GUITAR. The LYRICS explore DEATH, criticize MEDIA, challenge PREconceptions and MOURN the future. AMBIENCE and EXHILARATION in equal measure. Join the ABSTRACT REVOLUTION!!

Check out Ami's weekly video blog on YouTube
Get the inside story on how some of the new tracks were composed, performed and produced, and what they are about, plus the latest REDZONE news.

We're probably going to release this album in download format only, but it's still possible that we'll cave in and duplicate some CDs 🙂

Ami + Justin

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