Some guy named Joe and Cancer

I was asked by Jack Mangan a good friend of mine if I'd like to contribute some audio commentary on Joe Murphy's 1 year memorial. I thought about it and just didn't "feel it." I don't know why-maybe just not in the audio mode these days. It doesn't matter. So who is Joe Murphy? Joe was a fairly normal and decent guy surrounded by some quasi-abnormal indecent people(full disclosure: all in jest) that did Winging It-one of the early successful sci-fi podcasts. I met Joe when I visited the studio that Winging It podcast was recorded in. The place was quite busy that day and the air was filled with snark and tension; some from Evo Terra in his audio game face mode preparation, some from TD-0013 because that's the way he rolls, et al. That was all part of the Winging It vibe. Joe just brought the:(pause)"brilliant."

The key thing about Joe was that he was a kind and gentle spirit who was stricken by a harsh fatal disease; dying way too sudden and way too young. I don't have a lot of Joe stories to share, the people I mentioned above and others here do. Please listen and reflect and realize that there are and will be many others like Joe, sadly even among our friends and family. I know that Joe being the quality guy that he was, would be honored knowing that his life and death could be a touchstone for helping other people. Brilliant!

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